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Re: question about Linux

493920156 wrote:
Hi I’m studying at FU JEN CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY. And I have a school project to try out Linux and Open Office in PC. But, before doing that, I have three questions would need your advice.

Welcome to the free software world!

1.	Does your company offer free update service? (Like “Windows Update”?)

Yes, sure. In debian, it is as easy as running the command "apt-get install openoffice.org" to upgrade openoffice, for example.

There's really no debian company. :-) Debian is a community and a community-supported linux distribution.

2.	Does your company offer Version Upgrade? If yes, what will be the impact to existing version user? Or your company will only offer release upgrade and I don’t have to do anything but just download the new release from your web side?

Again, yes. In debian, there is the stable distribution which is usually what people starts with when using one of the many installation method such as from a burnt CD. Afterwards, if you want newer packages, you can try out the testing distribution and it's as easy as doing "apt-get dist-upgrade" to install all the new stuff.

3. About two questions, will they be any cost to me?

Well, except perhaps for cost of the internet connection and CD's for burning the installer, it is nil. Of course, free software is really about freedom, not free beer, as they say. :-)

It may be good to read about things a bit first before actually start downloading the installer and experiment. Just start with the debian website

and maybe debian newbie

Here's the "How to install Debian GNU/Linux on your computer"

I'm also sure you can find somebody in your university who has debian/linux experience whom you can talk to in person. Of course, there is always this and many many other mailing lists.

I started out with debian more than 10 years ago and I'm a happy user ever since; and I'm still learning new things daily. :-)


Read about things a bit first before

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