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Re: Bug#434837: lists.debian.org: Please remove me from debian-chinese-big5@l.d.o's moderator list

On Thu, Jul 26, 2007 at 10:52:02PM -0500, Ming Hua wrote:
> However, I'm going to lose the email address I'm currently using quite
> soon because of graduation.  Since I am a simplified Chinese user (the
> simplified Chinese user discussion list is debian-chinese-gb@l.d.o ),
> and the -big5 list hardly has any traffic these days, I don't feel it
> worthwhile to continue doing the moderating work.
> The problem is that nobody else seems to be doing the moderation work.
> There have been several valid mails waiting in the moderation queue in
> the past month but nobody seems to have reacted it.
> I'm not suggesting any solutions to this situation, but copying to the
> debian-chinese-big5 list and let the users there to decide (I'll
> probably follow up in Chinese to explain the situation).  Meanwhile I'll
> keep doing the moderation work for now.  But it may not be long so I
> hope this can be solved soon.

簡單說來,就是我要畢業了,這個 email 地址要不能用了,所以請 Debian 郵件
列表管理者把我從這個列表的 moderator 裡去掉。

不知道去掉我之後還有沒有別的 moderator 在處理發往這個列表的信,所以在這


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