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Bug#434837: lists.debian.org: Please remove me from debian-chinese-big5@l.d.o's moderator list

Package: lists.debian.org
Severity: normal

Hello Debian list masters,

Currently debian-chinese-big5@lists.debian.org, the traditional Chinese
user discussion list, is moderated.  I am one of the nine listed

However, I'm going to lose the email address I'm currently using quite
soon because of graduation.  Since I am a simplified Chinese user (the
simplified Chinese user discussion list is debian-chinese-gb@l.d.o ),
and the -big5 list hardly has any traffic these days, I don't feel it
worthwhile to continue doing the moderating work.

The problem is that nobody else seems to be doing the moderation work.
There have been several valid mails waiting in the moderation queue in
the past month but nobody seems to have reacted it.

I'm not suggesting any solutions to this situation, but copying to the
debian-chinese-big5 list and let the users there to decide (I'll
probably follow up in Chinese to explain the situation).  Meanwhile I'll
keep doing the moderation work for now.  But it may not be long so I
hope this can be solved soon.


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