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Re: Request for "beta testers" for latex-cjk

Hi Danai!

On Don, 13 Okt 2005, Danai SAE-HAN wrote:
> frank> You probably know that teTeX 3 is in experimental?  I hope to bring it
> frank> into unstable soon.
> Yup!  Is Debian/teTeX3 working as far as the font mechanism is
> concerned?  And how long before you think you can unleash teTeX3 in

Yes. And there are sample implementations how a font package should work
and what it should do at

  deb http://people.debian.org/~frn/teTeX-3.0-sample sid/binary-all/
  deb-src http://people.debian.org/~frn/teTeX-3.0-sample sid/source/

(Thanks to Florent).

Furthermore, someone mentioned he wants to write up an explanation into
the TeX-Policy guide.

> the unstable branch?  Because if it's within a month or so, then
> there's no need for me to ask my sponsor to upload the teTeX2
> dependant package now.

I guess (but I am not Frank) that within a month it should happen, quite

I would suggest that you take a look at the above lm-fonts package and
how fonts should be handled and make the package teTeX3 clean.

In fact it should be enough for the font part to depend on tex-common,
but see the lm package.

Best wishes


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