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Re: Request for "beta testers" for latex-cjk


frank> > 1. I have several subpackages, so each has its own directory in
frank> >    /usr/share/doc/.  I wish to centralize all docs, example files the
frank> >    changelog and the copyright file all in one single directory, id
frank> >    est /usr/share/doc/latex-cjk/.  (Those package from the latex-cjk
frank> >    source of course, not the extra Japanese and Korean font packages,
frank> >    since they use a different source each.)
frank> >
frank> >    Do I just have to install them manually (put them in a .install
frank> >    instead of in a .docs file)?  And what about the changelog and
frank> >    copyright files?  They use the same source anyway.
frank> I would simply create symlinks /usr/share/doc/otherpackage -> latex-cjk
frank> and call dh_installdocs (etc.) only for the "main" package.  Just make
frank> sure that all of them indeed depend on latex-cjk...

Thanks for the tip.  Saves a few kilobytes on the HD.  :D

frank> > 4. This package uses CJK version 4.5.1, along with extra CVS patches
frank> >    up to 2003-03-18 (I accidentally put 0.20030319 in the
frank> >    versioning).  The current upstream version has been upped to 4.6.0,
frank> >    but since a lot of changes have happened, especially concerning the
frank> >    creation of TeX fonts and vertical writing, and because of the
frank> >    dependency on fontinst 1.918 (only available in teTeX3), I will
frank> >    need some more time to get 4.6.0 working.
frank> You probably know that teTeX 3 is in experimental?  I hope to bring it
frank> into unstable soon.

Yup!  Is Debian/teTeX3 working as far as the font mechanism is
concerned?  And how long before you think you can unleash teTeX3 in
the unstable branch?  Because if it's within a month or so, then
there's no need for me to ask my sponsor to upload the teTeX2
dependant package now.

Best regards.




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