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Re: firefly fonts & CJKUnifonts

On Saturday 19 February 2005 14:05, Ming Hua wrote:
> > Firefly is going to merge his embedded bitmap fonts into Arne's
> > CJKUnifonts in the future which contains more characters and update
> > more frequency. So let's close this ITP and create another for
> > CJKUnifonts
> This is great news, and as a simplified Chinese user I am excited
> about this as well.  My question however is about the license of this

Nice to hear that so many people appreciate my work (and the work of my 
contributers of course) :)

The current release (0.0.2004014-1) contains all HKSCS glyphs in the CJK 
Basic area (U+4E00 ~ U+9FFF).
The next release (hopefully end of March) will contain all HKSCS glyphs 
for CJK Ext. A (U+3400 ~ U+4D..) and the missing GBK glyphs.

BTW: Who's going to be in Beijing on the Debian Conference on 2/28 ?
I will be there, so we can sign our GPG keys. :)

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