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Re: SCIM, OpenOffice and The GIMP

On Saturday 29 January 2005 20:14, Robert Tucker wrote:
> Please could anyone set forth how to get SCIM to work with
> OpenOffice, The GIMP or Java applications ?
> I have it working perfectly with Thunderbird, Firefox, AbiWord and
> gedit.
> Selecting "Smart Pinyin" with OOo Writer etc just results in the
> English/Roman characters being inserted into the document/text-field.

For oo.o to work you need toset your LC_CTYPE environment variable to 
either zh_TW.UTF-8 or zh_CN.UTF-8. Unfortunately oo.o (and maybe some 
other apps) check for the LC_CTYPE if it is set to a chinese locale or 
not... The UI will still be english (or any other language you set as 
main LANG).
Gimp2 works for me, but it may be the same issue like for oo.o.
For Java, I don't know, as I haven't got any Java application to work 
correctly with Unicode or accepting chinese input. But my guess would 
be it depends on the Java interpreter (which one you use and the 
settings you installed it and you are running it with). Maybe it's best 
to take a look at the Java docs if they mention something in 
there... :)

> Afraid I would not be able to understand any answers in
> Chinese.Arguably AbiWord and gedit should be enough for any
> beginners' exercises I undertake in the language, but still it would
> be nice to have SCIM working with OOo at this point.
> Using: Debian Sarge, Gnome 2.8.1

ok, works for me (except Java) as I described above.

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