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Re: google in chinese

On Wednesday 02 February 2005 18:01, Jianan wrote:
> I want to google in Chinese. I am running 'testing' with kernel
> 2.6.8, Konqueror 3.2 and Firefox1.0.
> What do I need to do to be able to key in Hanyi Pinyin to Google or
> any other Chinese search enigne?

1. Install scim-chinese (it will pull in some depending packages).
2. set you locale to any UTF-8 locale.
3. set LC_CTYPE to either zh_TW.UTF-8 or zh_CN.UTF-8 for Mozilla, 
OpenOffice and other software to 'recognize' chinese input.
5. start scim in your X session
6. you will see a scim panel popping up. configure scim via the panel.
7. to actually key in chinese (pinyin), toggle with CRTL+SPACE
8. choose Simple Chinese as input method in scim
9. type :)

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