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Re: Bug#218232: (forw) Re: APT translation to zh_TWy

tags 218232 -moreinfo +patch +pending

Quoting Ambrose Li (acli@ada.dhs.org):
> Hi
> sorry for not having responded earlier. I did not initially
> respond because I live in Canada and is not very in touch
> with actual correct terms, so I hesitated in responding with
> a suggestion (and then forgot about it...).
> However, reading from the web, I believe the following is
> a reasonable translation:
> 擊中

Thanks for your well motivated answer. Given the arguments you give, I
think there's not more problem here and we can commit the attached
fixed PO file.

I did it (the commit) in my archive.

I would appreciate if you can check it. I pasted your proposal in it
as carefully as I could and I usually manage to not break CJK
encodings. However, mistakes happen very quickly on that matter, so
double checking may be a good idea.

And, again, if someone among Traditional Chinese users manages to
complete this translation, (s)he's welcome to do it..:-)

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