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APT translation to zh_TW

Hello to all users and contributors from the zh8TW localisations in

I hope I'm hitting the correct door for getting an answer.

If you look at http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=218232
you'll find that the bug reporter mentions he finds the current
translation of "Hit" in APT quite strange.

>From his words:

> apt-get translates the word "Hit" as "????" (touch, contact, etc.).
> This is a very strange translation for the meaning of "Hit" used
> by apt-get (that the item in its cache is up-to-date).

Matt Zimmerman, the package maintainer, requested him to suggest
another translation bug got no answer.

So, would you consider the following appropriate or not:

#: cmdline/acqprogress.cc:55
msgid "Hit "
msgstr "接觸 "

Moreover, I'm currently beginning to assist Matt in maintaining
translations for APT, just like I'm doing for several other package
maintainers as some of you may be aware.

Would it be possible that someone completes the attached partial
translation and send it as a bug report against the "apt" package?

But, don't wait for it for giving me your answer about the translation
of "Hit".

Please take care of keeping all addresses CC'ed to your answers as I'm
not subscribed to the list and, anyway, it is important that answers
go into the Bug Tracking System.

Many thanks in advance.


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