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Re: Xcin in X

The problem pertains,
I edited my /usr/bin/kde2. Well instead of Big5 I have to use GB2312, but that should be OK. I have another problem with dpkg-reconfigure locales. Sometimes it refuses to generate locales I've selected. Only en_US and GB2312. That's why I didn't try Big5. I can't turn on xcin by ctrl+space. I can input something when I start Xcin console and start kword from there, but it displays only "?" insted of Chinese. Why I have always problem with Chinese in Debian. In Mandrake I just made .i18n with LC_CTYPE=zh_TW.Big5 and I had English linux with Chinese input. In RedHat I just choose the Chinese or Taiwanese. Help please. I have to work on my thesis and I just don't want to go back to Mandrake or RedHat ;-)
Petr Simon

Andrew Lee wrote:

On Sat, 29 Mar 2003, Petr Simon wrote:

I have woody on desktop and libranet2.0 on laptop and I have similar
problem on both machines - I can type Chinese in Xcin console, but I
can't in X. And I can't invoke xcin either only via Xcin console. It is
same in Gnome as in KDE. I use gdm to choose language and I have also
succesfully set up Chinese via Cpanel.

I think cpanel is useless right now. Cause it added your settings in your
~/.xsession, but kdm and gdm will only execute ~/.xession when you choose
default session to login.

I don't know why gdm/kdm won't execute ~/.xession when you are not choose
default session, it might be a policy or something else, does anyone know
about this issue?

For myself, I added those three lines to my /usr/bin/kde script.

It is a dirty hack, but simple, or you might hack your Xsession script,
and start xcin before Gnome or KDE.


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