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Re: RFC: Shall we make debian-chinese-* a subscribers-only list?

On Wed, Sep 18, 2002 at 01:53:11AM +0800, Anthony Fok wrote:
> 大家好,
> 鑑於近年來 Debian Chinese mailing lists 上有不少垃圾信,情況未有
> 改善的跡像,而也有多位過往的 debian-chinese-* 因受不住太多垃圾信
> 而退訂了。
> 因此,我想建議把 debian-chinese-* mailing lists 改為 "only subscribers
> can post messages",而 non-subscribers 發送的信,則會先經由「版主」
> 處理。大家意見如何?  :-)

excellent. it should be done long time ago :)

- jhy

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