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Re: mutt and asian fonts

On 17 Sep, 2002, Wu Jian Feng wrote :
> >   Displaying chinese is ok
> >   But if the chinese character is on the edge of line end.
> >   You will see broken chinese character.
> >   How to solve it ?
> >   thanx ..
> Pipe the mail to an external pager program like less or most,
> eg. |most or |less -rf, to see if it's a bug of your terminal or
> the pager of mutt.

this is not a but a bug.
The problem is that chinese caracteres use 2 octets, and mutt autowrap
lines. The problem occurs when a chinese charatere lets say XY (X and Y
are 2 8bit-ASCII character) is on the edge. if your terminal is not
large enough to display the character you will see X and Y on the
following line. So that the original character can't be displayed

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