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Re: mutt and asian fonts

¡° ¤Þ­z¡mtzwjf163@pub.nt.jsinfo.net (Wu Jian Feng)¡n¤§»Ê¨¥¡G
> William Wu <william.wu@free.fr> writes:
> > On 08 Sep, 2002, Min Xu wrote :
> > still doesn't work .. I have Mutt 1.3.27i (2002-01-22
> In ~/.muttrc, add
> set locale=$LANG
> set charset=GB2312
> set send_charset=us-ascii:gb2312:utf-8
> There may be some broken email user agent which set the Content-Type
> mail header to iso-8859-1 even the mail is in Chinese, for example,
> the very popular foxmail, and mutt can't display those correctly. My work
> out is add a charset-hook command:
> charset-hook iso-8859-1 gb2312
> Good Luck!
  Displaying chinese is ok
  But if the chinese character is on the edge of line end.
  You will see broken chinese character.
  How to solve it ?
  thanx ..
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