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Malformed mail

Hi! All:
Happy Chinses New year!

These days , my yahoo mailbox keeps receiving some strange mail from
this list, and each time fetchmail complains 

fetchmail: POP3< +OK hello from popgate
fetchmail: POP3> USER *****
fetchmail: POP3< +OK password required.
fetchmail: POP3> PASS *
fetchmail: POP3< -ERR Server not ready. Please try again after sometime
fetchmail: Server not ready. Please try again after sometime

so I can not get any mail from yahoo. :( I can only get to webpage of
mail.yahoo.com then , when I tried to open some mails (from this
list), it just complained : 'Malformed mail'. I can only delete them
manually. But it is rather annoying. 

Is there something I should configure? Any ideas? Thanks!

Yongtao Yang

email: yangyongtao@yahoo.com

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