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Re: How to enter HKSCS character in Debian

> BTW, The HKSCS (1999) / HKSCS:2001 standard defines over 4000
> characters.  In the new standard, most characters have been moved from PUA
> to CJK Ext B, but there are still about 100 characters that remain in PUA.
> One challenge to full support for the new version of HKSCS is that Unicode
> codepoints above U+20000 in CJK Extension Area B are used, but there are
> still a few major parts of the system like XFree86 and Qt that do not yet
> support anything beyond U+FFFF.  So yes, that will be a bit of a challenge.
> :-)
> > You can use pfaedit to merge that font with Arphic's TTF. Don't
> > know if the HKSCS's license is free enough that would let you distribute
> > your modification freely.
> Not sure, although I recall Roger So saying that a Big5 *.ttf font can be
> used in tandom with a HKSCS *.tte font.  Not sure.  We'll see.  :-)
> 春節快樂,馬到功成!  :-)
> Anthony
for me ,I install hkscs support in my windows 2000 from microsoft
and get the hkscsm3u.ttf there and is able to use it in linux and
load that font in xfs-xtt.
gtk+ application can now show hkscs font :)

Also if I use the .tte file downloaded from the hong kong government,
the Xft seem have problem in loading the fonts and I can't find the entry
of the hkscs fonts in .xftcache, and there is no problem for the .ttf font
i get from microsoft.
I am able to enter Hong Kong Font in coming gtk+2 application with Xft
enabled too

for the mozilla, i 'm not familiar with how mozilla search font and
unable to make mozilla to use that hkscs fonts and it get the hkscs fonts
from -cbs-song-medium-r-normal-fantizi-*-*-*-*-c-*-cns11643.1992-*

btw,is it able to make the chajei input method in xcin to input
hong kong fonts too in zh_TW.Big5 too apart from zh_HK.BIG5HKSCS?

I'm now using locale zh_HK.BIG5HKSCS in order to input HKSCS word in xcin
though I need to make a symbolic zh_HK zh_TW in /usr/share/locale
and copy all the *.mo in zh_TW.Big5 to zh_TW to make the translation work
though it won't work for other translation which don't use the gettext
way..(e.g I may need to create a copy Name[zh_HK]=xxxx from
Name[zh_TW]=xxxx in *.desktop)

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