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Re: 請問@下debian有pppoe套騥

On Fri, Nov 09, 2001 at 01:54:44PM +0800, raycherng@ms39.url.com.tw wrote:
> Help最近想裝debian
> 我的網路seednat 的adsl
> 之前用的redhat是用rp-pppoe
> 想問一下debian有沒有類似的package
> 我手上有patato的三張cd,不知道裡面有沒有呢
> 我希望裝完debian後能上網,才好再安裝或升級其他套件,而且也可以上網問問題
> 因為我的modem已經給別人了

as everybody said, the pppoe in debian is actually the rp-pppoe.
you do not need to recompile kernel if you have the ppp module

But you need to do some simple configuration after you installed
pppoe. please read /usr/doc/pppoe/ after you installed it.

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