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Re: 請問有沒有Debian 2.2r4的ISO\

On Wed, Nov 07, 2001 at 02:04:52PM +0000, smartie.bbs@VOIDbbs.e-fever.org wrote:
> 在哪兒可下載到?

not yet. keep monitoring http://cdimage.debian.org.

hashao|    激水之疾,至于漂石者,勢也;鷙鳥之疾,至于毀折者,節也。故善戰
hashao|    者,其勢險,其節短。勢如擴弩,節如發機。紛紛紜紜,鬥亂而不可亂;
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hashao|    也;勇怯,勢也;強弱,形也。故善動敵者,形之,敵必從之;予之,
hashao|    敵必取之。以利動之,以卒待之。

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