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Re: Something when upgrading to unstable..

On Fri, Feb 23, 2001 at 12:39:53AM +0900, wen@japan.email.ne.jp wrote:
> phinex> 	1. Font Server
> phinex> 	   I remove the xfs-xtt, and install xfstt, change the
> phinex> 	   fontpath in XFree86config-4 to
> phinex> 
> phinex> 	   FontPath "unix/:7101"
> In my case:        FontPath "unix/:7100"
> and in Section "Module" add  Load "xtt"

If you use the "xtt" module, then can't use just get rid of that unix/:7100
port fontpath, and list _real_ font paths instead?


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