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Something when upgrading to unstable..

	I have some problems when I upgrade potato to unstable.
	1. Font Server
	   I remove the xfs-xtt, and install xfstt, change the
	   fontpath in XFree86config-4 to

	   FontPath "unix/:7101"

	   But, when I type startx, the X Server does not response
	   to my request. Thus, I remove the FontPath "unix/:7101" line,
           and recoves the origianl setting in this config file.
           This time, I can start X window with "startx". But no
	   "truetype" font can be used in my X window enviroment.
	   I check the manual and FAQ in /usr/share/doc/xfstt, but I can't
           find an answer. How can I get the "TrueType" Font Server comes
           to work?

        2. mutt can type chinese
           The mutt package in unstable can't accept chinese words?
           The chinese mail is shown correctly in the mutt, but when I
           want to type a chinese letter, it can not accept any chinese
           word? I also check the manual in /usr/share/doc/mutt, it says
           it can support I10N, but I can not let it work. Anyone knows
           how to solve it?

        3. Locale setting in gdm
           Although the menu in gdm can let us choose the language type
           we want to use in the X window system, but I think that it can't
           work properly. I have already modified the locale.alias file. 
           Thus, I modify the /etc/X/gdm/Session/Default file, and add the
           locale setting here( export LC_ALL="zh_TW.Big5" ...), by doing
           so, I can succeefully using the locale setting I want. If I
           do not modify the file (/etc/X/gdm/Session/Default), although I
           choose the locale type in the gdm menu I still can not in the
           chinese locale. Have I done some errors in the following steps?

           Sorry for no chinese.
           Thanks a lot.

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