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Re: [Q] xfonts-arphic... in woody

hashao> I have S3 Savaga3D. It was unsported until 4.0.2. So I used xserver-svga
hashao> in woody at the time. You know that Xserver and xlib are not really linked.
hashao> You can run Xserver in 3.x or 4.x and use whatever xlib. Just make sure
hashao> you use xfs-xtt font server with 3.x. For 4.x, load xtt module and don't
hashao> use font server.

I see. Thanks so much for your very useful information.

hashao> Now I use X 4.0.2, it does load faster with Chinese font cuz no fontserver
hashao> slowness. Cheers. 

Sure. I use it too in another box.



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