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Re: [Q] My crazy keyboard

wen@japan.email.ne.jp writes:
> Hi,
> 我的一台potato(hp vetra VE 系列 PC 機)的鍵盤有時會突然完全死掉,
> 即使我用鼠標退出 X ,鍵盤仍然是完全死的.此時只好關掉電源後再從新
> 開機.這種現象已持續幾個月了,很頭疼,但又不知如何下手檢查.請大家
> 幫忙提供點線索解決一下.多謝!多謝!

Use English ask on debian-user@lists.debian.org ;-)

If you could telnet to your box then you can do some examination. Try
kill -9 some process like gpm etc. to see what will happen. Upgrade
your kernel, sometimes a bad driver could drive people crazy. Upgrade
your X Window, because it's where the keyboard driver comes from,
hence maybe where trouble lies. Last but not least, pull off you
keyboard, use it on other boxes to see if there's the same problem, or
use a new keyboard to make sure it's not the hardware problem...

Good luck! ;-)

趙蔚 <http://www.zhaoway.com/>

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