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Re: Unicode 版的 Debian/CLE

> The auto translator obviously has a problem with the several MIME
> encodings and with MIME multipart-messages.
> It should - in my opinion - look for parts with charset=big5, decode
> them, convert them to gb2312 (and vice versa, of course), and than
> (optionally) re-encode them.
> Is lists.debian.org the package for a (wishlist) bug-report?

No.  You can just tell me.  :-)

The auto-converter gateway, which is a Perl script plus Yu Guanghui's
AutoConverter, works in most cases, and it does handle MIME multipart
mail to an extent.  For example, an attached perl script is not converted
(at least that is what I hope) because often it may be undesirable to
convert non-plain text attachments.

It appears to me that the Perl script works well in most cases, and the 
"Re: Unicode 版的 Debian/CLE" thread was an isolated incident.  If it
happens again, then I may look into it.  Right now, the script is working
99% of the time, so I am not going to bother.  :-)



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