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Fwd: Re: [I18n] Sun's press release ?

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From: Hideki Hiura <Hideki.Hiura@eng.sun.com>
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Date: Thursday, August 31, 2000, 4:30:53 AM
Subject: [I18n] Sun's press release ?

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> From: Juliusz Chroboczek <jec@dcs.ed.ac.uk>
> RB> See <http://linuxpr.com/releases/2466.html>,
> What is it?

Basically, the foundation of multilingual support based on Unicode
which you can see in Solaris 8.

In specific, 

1. X Input Method Framework 

- IIIMF based i18n libX11 library
When used with an extended API, allows X application to have locale
independent multilingual input method capability, which does not
require input method server changes by updating XMODIFIER and restarting
different kind of input method server. IM protocol support is
modularized as dynamic loading module per protocol. There are three
IM protocol modules comes with: X11R5 Ximp protocol, X11R6 XIM
protocol, and the new generation of unicode based IM protocol
IIIMP(Internet/Intranet Input Method protocol).

- XIM Patch for IIIMP Client-Adapter
Patch to X.Org's xc/lib/X11. Provides easier way for developers to
modify the X library to work with IIIMP (Internet/Intranet Input
Method Protocol) This patch allows you to build monolithic Xlib
with IIIM capability in XIM.

- XIM BackEnd Module (htt_xbe)
Bridge server between X applications and IIIMF Input Method server.
This small bridge server translate IIIM protocol to XIM protocol, so
that a client running without IIIMF based i18n libX11 to take a
benefit of IIIMF input method server. (But of course the functionality
is limited the expression power of XIM protocol)

- IIIMF Input Method Server
The new generation of Unicode based Input Method Server, which
replaces current XIM servers. It provides two language engine
interfaces; one for the global locale independent Unicode enabled
engines, the other for the engines bound to global locale, so that
new generation language engine and current language engines can be
plugged in.

- Language engine and Language engine interface drivers for existing engines
        * mle.so (for Korean, Traditional and Simplified Chinese) 
        * New pinyin (newpy.so) for Simplified Chinese 
        * Generic composition engine for European languages
           Input event conversion from the keyboard to language character sets 

- IIIMF server watch dog Module (htt)
Safeguard to make sure IIIMP server always up and running

2. X Output Method Frameworks 

- Complex Text Layout engine support
- Support for bi-directional rendering of Hebrew, Arabic and Thai

3. X Locale Convertor Module Support for eucJP, shift-JIS, Big5, GBK
and all Unicode (UTF-8) locales 

4. IIIMF Input Method Server Libraries 

Language Engine SPI Library (SunIM Library)
Common interface to plug in language engines to IIIM server 
Code Converter Library (P-I Conv)
API to plug in code convertor modules from multiple UNIX layouts such
as ICU, iconv etc. 
IM Developer Kit Library(IMdkit)
API to plug in IM protocol support to IIIM server such as XIMP 4.0,

Architect/Sr. Staff Engineer, Sun Microsystems, Inc
Chair, Linux Internationalization Initiative, Free Standards Group
I18n mailing list

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