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Re: Chinese(GB) input method in emacs?

Hi Anthony,
On Sun, Aug 27, 2000 at 12:13:20AM -0600, foka@debian.org wrote:
> And, just so that you know, the latest xcin-2.5.2-pre5
> (xcin- in Debian) and libtabe-0.1.6 are packaged for
> potato-proposed-update.  Find them here:

since you are there, would you have the libhz.a and libhz.so
in the zh-autoconvert installed by default? 
The files are in the zh-autoconvert-0.3.5/lib directory. The
libraries are useful for people want to intergrate zh-autoconvert
in their own program. And the file libhz.txt is not installed

I think saka put the core convert engine into library since
version 0.3.5.

Here is my dpkg -L zh-autoconvert command:
$ dpkg -L zh-autoconvert



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