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Re: ITT (Intent to Translate) :)

On Tue, Aug 15, 2000 at 10:24:56PM +0800, zw@zhaoway.com wrote:
> i will translate
> debian cvs: boot/floppies/documentaion/install.... and release....

Hurray!  :-)  I wonder how the others are doing (Linuxrat, Jim Zh, Adrian,
flylinux, etc.)

> foka, can you arange the cvs stuff in case someone wanna join a hand.

Currently, only official developers have CVS write access to that directory.
Do you want me to ask someone to create a "chinese@cvs.debian.org" account
(like webwml) so that all of us here can freely commit changes directly? 

> p.s. i'm confused with the in-progress Debian GNU/Linux: Guide
> to Installation and Usage.. who knows the difference between the
> two? umm, hope that i'm not totally clueless... :(

The "Guide" is a printed-book written by John Goerzen and Ossama Othman
that was for Slink, but still useful for Potato.

The CVS boot-floppy "install" and "release" are for Potato, and not by John
and Ossama, but by everyone.  The installation manual and the release notes
are not intended as a complete usage guide, however.


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foka@ualberta.ca, foka@debian.org    University of Alberta, Canada
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