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Re: 我不是學醫的,o]瀰耵話太不專媊成

snowboy909> 也許是我話說的不夠清楚吧。應該是杜興氏脊髓麻痹性肌肉營養障礙癥。就是說由於基因上的問題,使脊髓出現問題,使肌肉吸收營養障礙──肌肉萎縮。
snowboy909> 醫學專業字典
snowboy909> Duchenne的解釋:dystrophy [醫]杜興肌營養不良
snowboy909> 發現此癥的法國神經病學家] 
snowboy909> dystrophy:醫學專業 n. 營養不良,營養障礙

	Again, I'd just want to make medical truths straight, nothing else.  Duchenne has NOTHING to do with spinal cord (脊髓).  It's a disease of muscle involving one protein called Dystrophin.  That protein is one component of a protein complex responsible for connection with extracellular matrix.  The detail mechanism is still pending.  Many other diseases have implications with that protein, including some cardiomyopathy.  Anyway, I'll make no further corrections after this mail.  If you guys are insterested in this topic, please go to


and search Duchenne.  A lot of information is available.  Have a nice day!


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