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Re: Testing list changes.

On Fri, 7 Dec 2001, Nicole Zimmerman wrote:

> At 08:09 on Dec 7, Mike Isely combined all the right letters to say:
> > Not really.  My "official" address is isely@pobox.com but that isn't my
> > ISP.  It's a forwarder.  That way I can shift ISPs without having to fix
> > e-mail subsriptions all the time.  However there is *no* way I can
> > really post from pobox because that is just a forwarder.
> Every mailer that I can think of has a way to change the way your "from"
> address appears. Provided that the mailer properly handles your request to
> change your "from" address, you should really be able to send mail
> appearing to come from a subscribed address (even if your end-result ISP
> address, for example, is different). As a matter of fact, this is what I
> am doing right now.

I was presuming that since spammers can also "adjust" the from address
that the list server might have a more secure means of verifying the
sender rather than just with the "from" address (which I've always had
changed anyway).

> That said, debian-changes is not really a discussion list, so why would
> wanting to post to it be a large issue for anyone but people providing
> changes -- hopefully people smart enough to change their mailer's from:
> field?

I wholeheartedly agree here, and didn't realize this obvious point until
after I posted.  This seems to be a perfect case of where the list of
allowed posters should be a *very* small set (including whatever
additional addresses those posters use), thus solving the poroblem.

With that said, I will drop back into lurk mode.  Sorry for generating
yet more noise on this list...


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