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Re: Testing list changes.

Am Fre,  7. Dez 2001, 11:16:28 -0800 schrieb Nicole Zimmerman:
> At 08:09 on Dec 7, Mike Isely combined all the right letters to say:
> > Not really.  My "official" address is isely@pobox.com but that isn't my
> > ISP.  It's a forwarder.  That way I can shift ISPs without having to fix
> > e-mail subsriptions all the time.  However there is *no* way I can
> > really post from pobox because that is just a forwarder.
> Every mailer that I can think of has a way to change the way your "from"
> address appears. Provided that the mailer properly handles your request to
> change your "from" address, you should really be able to send mail
> appearing to come from a subscribed address (even if your end-result ISP
> address, for example, is different). As a matter of fact, this is what I
> am doing right now.

I wanted to do that too, but had to learn then, that our local student
smtp-server allows only from adresses from the local student domain.
Of course it also isn't possible to use another smtp-server...

Fortunately I can ssh out to another box and do smtp from there, but
thats not possible for everyone.

That said, it realy doesn't apply to this list, as the only one who
has to send things here is the archive maintenance software as Josip
Rodin pointed out in another mail.


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