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New Debian powerpc Packages

These powerpc packages were installed into the Debian hierarchy in the
last week:

----- !!! HIGH URGENCY PACKAGES !!! -----

cron       - management of regular background processing
cron 3.0pl1-45 -> 3.0pl1-47 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/admin
cron (3.0pl1-47) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * Removed close of {stdin,stdout,stderr}, as it appears that
  some cron users expect it.

ircii      - Internet Relay Chat client
ircii 4.4-3 -> 4.4-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
ircii (4.4-4) unstable; urgency=high
  * recompiled with the new ncurses (hopefully)
  * fixed -geom bug for rxvt (#20867)
  * new standards version, renamed upstream changelog

junkbuster - The Internet Junkbuster!
junkbuster 2.0-3 -> 2.0-3.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web
junkbuster (2.0-3.1) stable frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * Non-maintainer security upload.
  * Extracted specific patches from junkbuster 2.0.2; they fix some
    buffer overflow vulnerabilities.  (fixes #25258).
  * In init.d script, start junkbuster as user "nobody", rather than root.
    (fixes #28867).  Junkbuster does not need root privileges, so running
    as root is an unnecessary risk.
  * Removed bogus jcc.c.orig file from source package.

login.app  - A login application designed with the NeXTStep look in mind
login.app 1.2.1-2 -> 1.2.1-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
login.app (1.2.1-3) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * debian/Login.app.initcmd: added 'xrdb -load /etc/X11/Xresources' to
    initialize resources database (this seems to affect Motif apps and
    might be the fix for critical bug #28069 -- I can't reproduce it so I
    need feedback from the submiter)
  * Really fixed bug#24419. 1.2.1-2 disabled the local server but it still
    removed the rc?.d entry that starts xdm.
  * debian/Login.app.initcmd: added 'xmodmap /etc/X11/xmodmap' to load the
    system wide keyboard map before the panel shows up. This might help
    people with weird keyboard setups
  * Added workarround to handle -DX_LOCALE (if the program is built with
    -DX_LOCALE it won't run in slink because slink's xlib6g doesn't have
  * Moved Login.app.reboot, Login.app.halt and Login.app.initcmd to
  * debian/login.app.postinst, debian/login.app.postrm: modified to handle
    the previous modification.
  * debian/Login.app.initcmd: sources /etc/environmet if it exists.
  * Config.h: changed console command to a script that gets two parameters
    (geometry and font), /etc/X11/Login.app/Login.app.console. This is as
    far as customization can get with this program.
  * debian/Login.app.console: default console script
  * debian/Login.app.1x: updated to reflect all this changes.
  * debian/login.app.prerm: added to clean alternatives on removal. Allows
    dpkg to clean /usr/share/Login.app/ on removal.
  * debian/login.app.postinst: modified ask() to be case
    insensitive. Hmmm, I need to translate this into perl.

make       - The GNU version of the "make" utility.
make 3.77-1 -> 3.77-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
make (3.77-3) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * Appled more patches to fix the glob problem with the new glibc. patch
    provided by Christopher C Chimelis <chris@classnet.med.miami.edu>.
    closes: BUG#28723, BUG#28724

minicom    - Clone of the MS-DOS "Telix" communications program.
minicom 1.82-1 -> 1.82-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/comm
minicom (1.82-2) unstable; urgency=high
  * Link with ncurses4

samba      - A LanManager like fileserver and simple client for Unix.
smbfsx     - Mount and umount commands for the smbfs and kernels > 2.1.70.
samba 1.9.18p10-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
smbfsx 1.9.18p10-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/otherosfs

sysvinit   - System-V like init.
sysvinit 2.75-4 -> 2.76-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/base
sysvinit (2.76-1) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * Fix bug in check_pipe() which crashes init on the Alpha.
  * Re-upload since this should go into frozen too, ofcourse.
  * Changed the version number to 2.76, even though it's a minor
    upgrade. I want to release this version outside Debian too.

urlview    - Extracts URLs from text
urlview 0.7-5 -> 0.7-6 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/misc
urlview (0.7-6) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * Recompiled with slang1 (Fixes Bug#28799)

----- MEDIUM Urgency Packages -----------

jester     - X-based board game similar to Othello
jester 1.0-1 -> 1.0-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
jester (1.0-3) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * Reupload into frozen because the distribution was changed suddenly
    *after* the last upload so it went into the wrong one.

manpages-de - German manpages
manpages-de-dev - German manpages
manpages-de-dev 0.1-7 -> 0.1-10 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/doc
manpages-de-dev 0.1-8 -> 0.1-10 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
manpages-de 0.1-7 -> 0.1-10 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/doc
manpages-de 0.1-8 -> 0.1-10 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
manpages-de (0.1-10) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * Reupload into frozen and unstable.  Somehow I broke my cvs tag.

ncurses3.4 - Video terminal manipulation - shared libraries
ncurses3.4 1.9.9g-8.11 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/oldlibs

nvi        - 4.4BSD re-implementation of vi.
nvi 1.79-6 -> 1.79-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/editors
nvi (1.79-7) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * Link to ncurses4.

tcsh       - TENEX C Shell, an enhanced version of Berkeley csh.
tcsh 6.08.01-2.1 -> 6.08.01-2.2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/shells
tcsh (6.08.01-2.2) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * Reupload into frozen because the distribution was changed suddenly
    *after* the last upload so it went into the wrong one.

wordinspect - GTK-based Dictionary Client
wordinspect 0.1a-1 -> 0.1a-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/text
wordinspect (0.1a-3) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * Reupload into frozen because the distribution was changed suddenly
    *after* the last upload so it went into the wrong one.

----- Low Urgency Packages --------------

alsa-modules - ALSA driver common files
alsa-source - ALSA driver source
alsa-modules 0.2.0-pre8-2 -> 0.2.0-pre8-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/sound
alsa-modules 0.2.0-pre8-2 -> 0.2.0-pre8-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/sound
alsa-source 0.2.0-pre8-2 -> 0.2.0-pre8-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/sound
alsa-source 0.2.0-pre8-2 -> 0.2.0-pre8-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/sound
alsadriver (0.2.0-pre8-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fix an error when compiling the modules.
  * Include the (slightly modified) documentation from pcmcia-cs on how
    to compile the modules.

analog     - Analyzes logfiles from www servers
analog 3.0-4 -> 3.1-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web
analog (3.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release.

arena      - an HTML 3.0 compliant WWW browser for X
arena 0.3.61-2 -> 0.3.61-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web
arena (1:0.3.61-5) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Recompile for libjpeg62.

asr-manpages - alt.sysadmin.recovery manual pages
asr-manpages 1.2-1 -> 1.2-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
asr-manpages (1.2-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Updated Standards-Version

autofs     - A kernel-based automounter for Linux.
autofs 3.1.1-2 -> 3.1.1-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils
autofs (3.1.1-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fix status when option are given, patch by Peter Kundrat <kundrat@gic.sk>
  * Fix some problems with timeouts

bash       - The GNU Bourne Again SHell
bash-builtins - Bash loadable builtins - headers & examples
libreadlineg2 - GNU readline and history libraries, run-time libraries. [libc6]
libreadlineg2-dbg - GNU readline and history libraries, debugging libraries. [libc6]
libreadlineg2-dev - GNU readline and history libraries, development files. [libc6]
bash-builtins 2.01.1-4 -> 2.01.1-4.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils
bash 2.01.1-4 -> 2.01.1-4.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/base
libreadlineg2-dbg 2.1-11 -> 2.1-12 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libreadlineg2-dev 2.1-11 -> 2.1-12 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libreadlineg2 2.1-11 -> 2.1-12 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/base
bash (2.01.1-4.1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * libreadline 2.1-12
  * Rebuild with ncurses4.0 to avoid packages linked with libreadline
    depending on two versions of ncurses; reported by Martin Mitchell
    <martin@debian.org>. [#27762]
  * debian/rl.shlibs: bump versioned dependency to >= 2.1-12.
  * debian/rules (build): add --with-curses to avoid ever linking with
    termcap; reported by, ehm, Guy Maor <maor@debian.org>. [#25118]

binutils   - The GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities.
binutils-dev - The GNU binary utilities (BFD development files)
binutils-multiarch - Binary utilities that support multi-arch targets.
binutils-dev -> into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
binutils-multiarch -> into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
binutils -> into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
binutils ( unstable; urgency=low
  * Non-maintainer upload with agreement from Chris.
  * Use a different soname for multi-arch libbfd and libopcodes; this
    fixes the problem that the single-arch binaries (as and the diverted
    ones) will all dump core because they're runtime-linked against the
    multi-arch libs. (Fixes: #28656)
  * Due to the above, binutils-multiarch also needs ldconfig in postinst
  * Fixup diversions once again: Do not even package the ldscripts for the
    native architecture, so diversions for files in /usr/lib/ldscripts
    aren't necessary.
  * Also remove diversions on abort-install.
  * Remove now obsolete diversions in preinst.
  * Also symlink /usr/doc/binutils-multiarch to binutils, and do not
    put /usr/doc/binutils in the package again.
  * Put the symlinks libbfd.so and libopcode.so into binutils-dev, so one
    can link to them.

binutils   - The GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities.
binutils-dev - The GNU binary utilities (BFD development files)
binutils-multiarch - Binary utilities that support multi-arch targets.
binutils-dev -> into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
binutils-multiarch -> into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
binutils -> into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
binutils ( unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * Made Roman's changes "official" (thanks Roman).

cam        - Cpu's Audio Mixer for Linux
cam 1.02-8 -> 1.02-10 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/sound
cam (1.02-10) frozen; urgency=low
  * Rebuilt with libncurses4

cftp       - A full-screen ftp client.
cftp 0.9-9 -> 0.9-10 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
cftp (0.9-10) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * upload to frozen too for slink (Duh!)

cftp       - A full-screen ftp client.
cftp 0.9-8 -> 0.9-9 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
cftp (0.9-9) unstable; urgency=low
  * recompile against ncurses4

debian-keyring - PGP and GNUPG keys of Debian Developers
debian-keyring 1998.10.11 -> 1998.11.07 into dists/potato/contrib/binary-all/misc
debian-keyring (1998.11.07) unstable; urgency=low
  * Sat,  7 Nov 1998 23:55:03 +0000: [PGP/JT] Added the key of Jamey Sharp.
  * Sat,  7 Nov 1998 23:57:47 +0000: [PGP/JT] Added the key of Nathan Sandver.
  * Sun,  8 Nov 1998 00:01:56 +0000: [PGP/JT] Updated the keys of Bart
    Schuller, Remco van de Meent, Bart Warmerdam, Jim Mintha, Paul
    Slootman, Wichert Akkerman and Joost Witteveen.
  * Sun,  8 Nov 1998 00:05:57 +0000: [PGP/JT] Updated the key of Manoj Srivastava.
  * debian/control (Maintainer): Igor is on indefinite leave; removed his name.

debview    - Emacs mode for viewing Debian packages
debview 1.5-2 -> 1.7-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/editors
debview 1.5-2 -> 1.7-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/editors
debview (1.7-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version fixing a bug that broke compilation buffer
  * Reduced spew on installation.  Although not strictly a bug fix, this
    has been reported as a bug on my other packages, so I think it's

doc-linux-pl - Linux docs in Polish: HOWTO - ascii version
doc-linux-pl-html - Linux docs in Polish: HOWTO - html version
doc-linux-pl-html 1998.03.29-1 -> 1998.10.31-1-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
doc-linux-pl 1998.03.29-1 -> 1998.10.31-1-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
doc-linux-pl (1998.10.31-1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Updated many documents (changed: DNS, Linux+DOS+Win95, BootPrompt, NIS,
    CD-Writing, CDROM; new: Alpha, Bzip2, DNS49, Intranet-Server, MILO,
  * Updated Standards-Version

dpkg-multicd - Installation methods for multiple binary CDs
dpkg-multicd 0.9 -> 0.10 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/base
dpkg-multicd 0.9 -> 0.10 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/base
dpkg-multicd (0.10) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Removed test for .disk/disk*, it's only used in a test and doesn't
    provide information or something.
  * Changed search for .disk/info files that now takes place in the cd
    root directory as well as in the distribution top level directory.
  * Added preference to the location of .disk/info files.  The cd toplevel
    directory is now preferred but the distribution toplevel will also
    work.  This affects getdisklabel() and ismulti().
  * Removed test for first disk when starting or updating packages
    information.  The description says to add all Packages.cd files on all
    cds.  If so the test is not needed anymore.
  * Fixed missing call to getdisklabel
  * Changed behaviour of setup routine if a subdistribution is not
    available.  Hit enter or input 'none' to continue.
  * Corrected some references to Packages instead of Packages.cd
  * Fixed some more references to CDROM/debian/.disk/info which I fixed to
    use CDROM/.disk/info if it exists.
  * Wonderful, now this package works as expected.  It's interesing that
    nobody actually tried the one I've uploaded before.

comerr-dev - The Common Error Description library - headers and static librari
e2fslibs-dev - The headers and static libraries for ext2fs-aware tools-developme
e2fsprogs  - The EXT2 file system utilities and libraries.
ss-dev     - "Sub-System" library for simple command-line interface parsing - 
comerr-dev 2.0-1.12-2 -> 2.0-1.12-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
e2fslibs-dev 1.12-2 -> 1.12-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
e2fsprogs 1.12-2 -> 1.12-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/base
ss-dev 2.0-1.12-2 -> 2.0-1.12-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
e2fsprogs (1.12-4) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Ship flushb(8) and extend(8) were missing in all 1.12 packages
    (Fixes: Bug#28771).
  * Add extend.8 link to undocumented.7.
  * Replaced my (ad-hoc) fix for Bug#25684 with (really better) one
    from upstream.

ee         - An "easy editor" for novices and compuphobics
ee 126.1.89-7 -> 126.1.89-8 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/editors
ee (126.1.89-8) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Recompiled with libncurses4

emacs20    - The GNU Emacs editor.
emacs20-el - GNU Emacs LISP (.el) files.
emacs20 20.3-4.1 -> 20.3-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/editors
emacs20 (20.3-5) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Added NetWinder patches (Closes: Bug#28277).  (Thanks to David Welton)
  * Rebuilt emacs20-el so the versions coincide.  In the future, people
    need to be sure to build *both* binary packages when doing a
    non-maintainer binary release.  (This fix justifies inclusion into

emacspeak  - speech output interface to Emacs
emacspeak 8.0-3 -> 9.0-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/editors
emacspeak (9.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fix explain to find key bindings for "outline" commands.
  * In explain, correctly extract docs from several existing sections.
  * In .texinfo file, add references to new sections.
  * Install FAQ.
  * New upstream release

funny-manpages - more funny manpages
funny-manpages 1.1-1 -> 1.1-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/doc
funny-manpages 1.1-1 -> 1.1-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
funny-manpages (1.1-2) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * Changed path in rtfm.1 as suggested by Yann Dirson (fixes bug #25393)
  * Updated Standards-Version

glademm    - A C++ code generator for glade
glademm 0.1.9-1 -> 0.2.1-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
glademm (0.2.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New Upstream Release.

libglib-dbg - Debugging static libraries for the GLib library
libglib-dev - Header files and static libraries for the GLib library
libglib1.1 - The GLib library of C routines
libglib-dbg 1.1.3-2 -> 1.1.4-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libglib-dev 1.1.3-2 -> 1.1.4-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libglib1.1 1.1.3-2 -> 1.1.4-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
glib (1.1.4-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version.
  * debian/control: libglib-dev and libglib-dbg now depend on ${Source-Version}
    of libglib1.1 to make upgrades force you to have one version of the library
    and -dev and -dbg, no more multiple versions allowed.

gnurobots  - Program a robot to explore a world
gnurobots 0.9-1 -> 0.9-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
gnurobots (1:0.9-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Recompiled against ncurses4

gnus       - A versatile News and mailing list reader for Emacsen
gnus 5.6.44-2 -> 5.6.44-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/news
gnus (5.6.44-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Try to make the installation quieter. closes: BUG#28514

gnushogi   - The Japanese version of chess.
gnushogi 1.2p03-6 -> 1.2p03-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
gnushogi (1.2p03-7) unstable; urgency=low
  * Rebuilt to account for name change in package libncurses4.

gperf      - Perfect hash function generator.
gperf 2.7-1.1 -> 2.7-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
gperf (2.7-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Applied 2.7-19981006 patch required for recent versions egcs, as found in
    the "infrastructure" directory on egcs mirrors. Thanks to Matt McLean for
    bringing it to my attention.
  * [tests/text-[1-5].exp] Updated for the changed internal versin number.

gtk+-docs  - GTK-, GDK- and GLIB-documentation in HTML and PS
gtk+-docs 0.1998.10.30-1 -> 0.1998.10.30-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
gtk+-docs (0.1998.10.30-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Whoops, I forgot to include the menu for the FAQ.

gtk+-docs  - GTK-, GDK- and GLIB-documentation in HTML and PS
gtk+-docs 0.1998.10.30-2 -> 0.1998.10.30-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
gtk+-docs (0.1998.10.30-3) unstable; urgency=low, closes=29003
  * Corrected menu file (closes: Bug#29003)

hfsutils   - Tools for reading and writing Macintosh volumes.
hfsutils-tcltk - Tcl/Tk interfaces for reading and writing Macintosh volumes.
hfsutils-tcltk 3.1-4 -> 3.2.2-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/otherosfs
hfsutils 3.1-4 -> 3.2.2-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/otherosfs
hfsutils (3.2.2-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version.
  * Switch to cvs-buildpackage.

imagemagick - Image manipulation programs.
libmagick4-dev - Image manipulation library (free version) -- development
libmagick4g - Image manipulation library (free version).
perlmagick - A perl interface to the libMagick graphics routines.
imagemagick 4.0.4-3 -> 4.0.4-3.0.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/graphics
libmagick4-dev 4.0.4-3 -> 4.0.4-3.0.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/graphics
libmagick4g 4.0.4-3 -> 4.0.4-3.0.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/graphics
perlmagick 1.34-3 -> 1.34-3.0.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/interpreters
imagemagick (4.0.4-3.0.1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Recompile against libjpeg62.

ipgrab     - Tcpdump-like utility that prints detailed header information.
ipgrab 0.5-3 -> 0.6-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
ipgrab (0.6-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version

irquery    - clients for ddns.org's service
irquery 0.4.7-2 -> 0.4.7-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
irquery (0.4.7-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixes bug #28754

jde        - Java Development Environment for Emacs or XEmacs.
jde 2.1.1-1 -> 2.1.1-2 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-all/devel
jde 2.1.1-1 -> 2.1.1-2 into dists/potato/contrib/binary-all/devel
jde (2.1.1-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Removed `Suggests: jdk1.1-docdemo' header, since the jdk1.1-docdemo package
    no longer exists (closes: #27045).

joe        - Joe's Own Editor - A Free ASCII-Text Screen Editor for UN*X
joe 2.8-10 -> 2.8-11 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/editors
joe (2.8-11) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * rebuilt against ncurses4

kbd        - Linux console font and keytable utilities.
kbd 0.96a-6 -> 0.96a-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/base
kbd (0.96a-7) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * Moved UTF examples into utf/ subdir (Fixes: Bug#27305, Bug#27898).
  * Went to ftp://ftp.uni-erlangen.de/pub/Linux/680x0/bin/system/keymaps/
    (Fixes: Bug#27354):
  ** Updated amiga-de.map.
  ** Added amiga-{es,fr,it,se,sg}.map.
  ** Added atari-de-emacs.map.
  * Fixed amiga-de and amiga-us keymaps for Backspace/Delete issues -
    patch by Andre Heynatz (Fixes: Bug#26867).
  * Added pc-dvorak-latin1.map from Vincent Renardias (Fixes:

kiss       - Karel's Interactive Simple Shell
kiss 0.13-1.2 -> 0.21-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/shells
kiss (0.21-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New Upstream Version
  * added new maintainer and ftp location to the copyrights file
  * recompiled for new curses

less       - A file pager program, similar to more(1)
less 332-4 -> 332-4.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/text
less (332-4.1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Non-maintainer upload
  * Compiled with ncurses4

libproplist0 - PropList closely mimics the property lists found in *Step.
libproplist0-dev - C headers, static libraries and documentation for libPropList
libproplist0-dev 0.8.1-3 -> 0.8.2-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libproplist0 0.8.1-3 -> 0.8.2-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
libproplist (0.8.2-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version taken from Window Maker 0.20.2 sources. The
    version number was bumped up to get in sync with what GNOME is
    using. This version fixes a bug in the unescaping code.
  * Makefile.am: shared library version now 0.0.5
  * debian/control: Removed a verison to version 0.7.1 from long
  * debian/README.Debian: s/efis.ucr.ac.cr/debian.org/, my email address
    for everything related to Debian is mmagallo@debian.org
  * debian/copyright: ditto.
  * debian/README.Debian: Added a note Re: shared libraries.

libtricks  - Tricks with shared libs: transparent VPATH and Fake root priv.
libtricks 0.1-9 -> 0.1-10 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils
libtricks (0.1-10) frozen; urgency=low
  * Oh, hell. The inode count wasn't set in the faked data structures,
    causing the unlink() calles to go unnoticed. Fixes: 28751

lockfile-progs - Programs for locking and unlocking files and mailboxes.
lockfile-progs 0.1.1 -> 0.1.3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/misc
lockfile-progs (0.1.3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Rebuild as root.  Libtricks built a broken .deb (a file that should
    have been a symlink was a truncated file of garbage).

makedev    - Creates special device files in /dev.
makedev 2.3.1-4 -> 2.3.1-6 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/base
makedev (2.3.1-6) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * add ttyS entry so update works with recent 2.1 kernels

makedev    - Creates special device files in /dev.
makedev 2.3.1-7 -> 2.3.1-8 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/base
makedev 2.3.1-7 -> 2.3.1-8 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/base
makedev (2.3.1-8) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * add support for ram0 to the ram* list (0 was omitted), part of 28933.
  * device 'rtc' was part of 'misc', give it a top-level entry too to reduce
    possible confusion.  Part of 28933.
  * add an entry for 'initrd', closes 28933 (slink release-critical).

memstat    - Identify what's using up virtual memory.
memstat 0.1-1 -> 0.1-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/admin
memstat (0.1-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * removed double /usr/local/bin in conffile (Bug#22674)
  * moved man page to section 1 and meminfo -> memstat (Bug#23096)
  * added debian/conffiles to .deb archives control dir (Bug#27818)

mirrordir  - duplicate a directory by making a minimal set of changes
mirrordir 0.9.29-1 -> 0.9.33-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils
mirrordir (0.9.33-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release

mkhybrid   - CD-ROM authoring tool.  Creates CD-ROM filesystem images
mkhybrid 1.12a4.7-1 -> 1.12a4.7-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/otherosfs
mkhybrid (1.12a4.7-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low, closes=28879
  * Re-included .orig.tar.gz, sorry, I forgot make a link (closes: Bug#28879)

modutils   - Linux module utilities.
modutils 2.1.121-6 -> 2.1.121-8 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/base
modutils (2.1.121-8) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Rebuild so it will make frozen.

mtr        - Full screen ncurses or X11 traceroute tool
mtr 0.25-0.1 -> 0.28-0.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
mtr (0.28-0.1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release; corrects the problem of IP numbers being displayed
    backwards (Fixes #28829).

mutt       - Text-based mailreader supporting MIME, GPG, PGP and threading.
mutt 0.94.14-1 -> 0.94.15-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/mail
mutt (0.94.15-1) frozen; urgency=low
  * New upstream release (only bug fixes, the code is frozen).

netcat     - TCP/IP swiss army knife
netcat 1.10-8 -> 1.10-9 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
netcat (1.10-9) unstable; urgency=low
  * Compiled with -DTELNET.

talk       - Talk to another user.
talkd      - Remote user communication server.
talk 0.10-2 -> 0.10-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
talkd 0.10-2 -> 0.10-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
netkit-ntalk (0.10-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Rebuilt with libncurses4.

telnet     - The telnet client.
telnetd    - The telnet server.
telnet 0.12-2 -> 0.12-2.0.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
telnetd 0.12-2 -> 0.12-2.0.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
netkit-telnet (0.12-2.0.1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Link to libncurses4.

telnet     - The telnet client.
telnetd    - The telnet server.
telnet 0.12-2.0.1 -> 0.12-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
telnetd 0.12-2.0.1 -> 0.12-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
netkit-telnet (0.12-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Rebuilt with libncurses4.

pacman     - Chase Monsters in a Labyrinth
pacman 10-6.1 -> 10-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
pacman (10-7) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Rebuilt against ncurses4 for slink.
  * Needed to add -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions to compiler flags to fix linking problems.

pdmenu     - Simple full screen menu program.
pdmenu 1.2.37 -> 1.2.38 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/shells
pdmenu (1.2.38) unstable; urgency=low
  * Rebuilt with ncurses 4.

pente      - five in a row variant for X or console
pente 2.2.1-4 -> 2.2.1-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
pente (2.2.1-5) unstable; urgency=low
  * Rebuilt with ncurses 4.

perlmoo    - server for an online multiuser virtual world, implemented in perl
perlmoo 0.045 -> 0.046 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/net
perlmoo (0.046) unstable; urgency=low
  * Back in development after a short hiatus.
  * Home command now informs people in your home that you have went home.
  * Fixed ugliness in logs if someone connects to moo and immediatly
  * Added notepad objects, which are going to grow into perlmoo's basic
    text edit objects.

perlmoo    - server for an online multiuser virtual world, implemented in perl
perlmoo 0.046 -> 0.047 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/net
perlmoo (0.047) unstable; urgency=low
  * Notepads no longer inherit what's written on them.

perlmoo    - server for an online multiuser virtual world, implemented in perl
perlmoo 0.047 -> 0.048 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/net
perlmoo (0.048) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed Notepad related core dump.
  * Put in a wordaround to fix the bug that let anyone modify the contents
    of a notepad - however, the underlying security problem still remains.

perlmoo    - server for an online multiuser virtual world, implemented in perl
perlmoo 0.048 -> 0.049 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/net
perlmoo (0.049) unstable; urgency=low
  * Some document corrections from dew@cs.stanford.edu.
  * Fixed problem with new users being idle for 2 decades. :-)

picon-users - Picon (Personal Images) database of individual Internet accounts
picon-users 1998.10.30-1 -> 1998.11.06-1 into dists/potato/contrib/binary-all/graphics
picon-users (1998.11.06-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release.

playmidi   - MIDI player
playmidi 2.3-21 -> 2.3-22 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/sound
playmidi (2.3-22) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Rebuilt against libncurse4 for slink.

procmeter3 - X based system status monitor
procmeter3 3.0a-2 -> 3.0a-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils
procmeter3 (3.0a-4) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Reupload with source, which was accidentially left out.

procmeter  - X based system status monitor, older version
procmeter 2.4c-2 -> 2.5-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils
procmeter (2.5-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release.

psgml      - An Emacs major mode for editing SGML documents.
psgml 1.1.4-2 -> 1.1.4-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/text
psgml (1.1.4-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Tried to make the installation quieter.

psmisc     - Utilities that use the proc filesystem
psmisc 17-1 -> 17-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/admin
psmisc (17-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Now with ncurses 4
  * Menu item is now in Apps/System (Bug #27439 )
  * X11 version of pstree now waits for return to be pressed (Bug #24102 #17466 )

pstotext   - Extract text from PostScript and PDF files.
pstotext 1.7-3 -> 1.8-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/text
pstotext (1.8-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release.
  * Fixed lintian warning.

qftp       - Small ftp client with amazing features
qftp 0.98-1 -> 0.98-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
qftp (0.98-2) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * Fixes grave bug #27791.

redir      - Redirect TCP connections
redir 0.7-4 -> 1.2-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
redir (1.2-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * new upstream release
  * adds support for ftp
  * adds support for transparency (Bug#13983)

rpncalc    - a RPN calculator trying to emulate an HP28S
rpncalc 1.20-2 -> 1.20-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/math
rpncalc (1.20-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Recompile against libncurses4.2

scotty     - The Scotty and Tkined Network Management Tools.
scotty 2.1.10-1 -> 98-11-04-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
scotty (3:98-11-04-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Back to development version which now works with Tcl 8.0.3.

sirc       - The full-featured Perl IRC client
sirc 2.211-1 -> 2.211-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
sirc (2.211-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Rebuild with ncurses 4.2.

slay       - kills all of the user's processes
slay 1.2-4 -> 1.2-5 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/admin
slay 1.2-4 -> 1.2-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/admin
slay (1.2-5) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * Slay doesn't punish illegitimate users by default (fixes bug #25298)
  * Documented the feature mentioned above (ditto)
  * Moved to /usr/sbin, as it really belongs there
  * Updated Standards-Version

slib       - Portable Scheme library.
slib 2c0-3 -> 2c3-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
slib 2c3-1 -> 2c3-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/devel
slib (2c3-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Re-uploaded for slink freeze.

smb2www    - A Windows Network client that is accessible through a web browser
smb2www 980804-2 -> 980804-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/net
smb2www (980804-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * smb now works again (Bug #27971 )

sound-recorder - Direct-to-disk recording and play-back programs.
sound-recorder 0.05-3 -> 0.05-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/sound
sound-recorder (0.05-4) unstable; urgency=low
  * fixed option -k in sound-recorder
  * fixed max. number samples to record
  * fixed manual pages (no remark -k and -S)

sudo       - Provides limited super user privileges to specific users.
sudo 1.5.4-4 -> 1.5.6p5-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/admin
sudo (1.5.6p5-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * new upstream patch release
  * add PAM support, closes 28594

sup        - Software Upgrade Protocol implementation
sup 1.8-6 -> 1.8-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
sup (1.8-7) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Compilation fixes for alpha. (#26288)

swi-prolog - Prolog interpreter.
swi-prolog 2.9.10-3 -> 3.1.0-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/interpreters
swi-prolog (3.1.0-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Recompilation with libncurses4.

swig       - Generate scripting interfaces to C/C++ code.
swig 1.1p5-1 -> 1.1p5-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/interpreters
swig (1.1p5-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * debian/rules: Build runtime library for Tcl 8.x (closes Bug#22075).
    Thanks to Jacob de Bree <J.deBree@radth.med.uu.nl> for the fix!
  * debian/{control,rules}: swig-examples is "Architecture: all".
  * Rebuilt with libstdc++2.9.

symlinks   - scan/change symbolic links
symlinks 1.2-0.1 -> 1.2-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils
symlinks (1.2-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * included debhelper

sysutils   - Miscellaneous small system utilities.
sysutils 1.3.2 -> 1.3.3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils
sysutils (1.3.3) unstable; urgency=low
  * New release.
  * Correct package description. (Bug#10375,18966)
  * Update version of procinfo to latest. (Bug#12079,18269,19929,23010)
  * Correct extention of manpage symlinks.  (Bug#18562,24952)
  * Correct declaration of argv in memtest.  (Bug#23581)

tcsh       - TENEX C Shell, an enhanced version of Berkeley csh.
tcsh 6.08.01-2 -> 6.08.01-2.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/shells
tcsh (6.08.01-2.1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Non-maintainer release by request of maintainer
  * Recompiled against ncurses4

tetex-base - basic teTeX library files
tetex-doc  - teTeX documentation
tetex-extra - extra teTeX library files
tetex-nonfree - non-free teTeX library files
tetex-base 0.9.981008-2 -> 0.9.981030-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/tex
tetex-base 0.9.981008-2 -> 0.9.981030-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/tex
tetex-doc 0.9.981008-2 -> 0.9.981030-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/tex
tetex-doc 0.9.981008-2 -> 0.9.981030-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/tex
tetex-extra 0.9.981008-2 -> 0.9.981030-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/tex
tetex-extra 0.9.981008-2 -> 0.9.981030-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/tex
tetex-nonfree 0.9.981008-2 -> 0.9.981030-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-all/tex
tetex-nonfree 0.9.981008-2 -> 0.9.981030-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-all/tex
tetex-base (0.9.981030-1) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * new upstream version (981030)
  * /usr/doc/texmf/mkhtml is now executable (bug #28151)
  * README.debian now contains more usefull information and a pointer to
    more documentation (bug #25286)
  * tetex-extra now too suggest tetex-nonfree
  * changing descriptions of packages to have better information about
  * adding some information to the copyright file about the copyrights and
    where to find them of the individual parts of teTeX (Bug #28423)
  * fixing making link for /usr/lib/texmf/doc
  * fixes draftcopy problem (bug #20458)

tf         - Tinyfugue MUD client for TinyMUDs, DikuMUDs, and LPMUDs
tf 4.0b3-1 -> 4.0b3-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
tf (1:4.0b3-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Rebuilt to account for name change in package libncurses4.

tinyirc    - A _Tiny_ IRC Client
tinyirc 1.1-3 -> 1.1-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
tinyirc (1:1.1-4) unstable; urgency=low
  * Rebuilt to make use of the new ncurses stuffs.

tkcvs      - A graphical front-end to CVS
tkcvs 6.0p6.1a3-1 -> 6.0p6.1a3-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
tkcvs (6.0p6.1a3-2) frozen; urgency=low
  * Fixed a variable name typo which prevented use of remote repositories.
    This problem was reported directly to me (and not via the BTS) by
    sen_ml@eccosys.com.  Note to release manager: no new code added.
  * The 6.0p6.1a3-1 version was uploaded as a Debian native package by
    mistake.  This release is rebuilt with the -sa option to

truc       - transfer big files through e-mail
truc 1.0.6-2 -> 1.0.7-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/mail
truc (1.0.7-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release

vim-rt     - Vi IMproved - runtime support files
vim-rt 5.3-8 -> 5.3-9 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/editors
vim-rt 5.3-8 -> 5.3-9 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/editors
vim-rt (5.3-9) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fix a few minor errors in /etc/vimrc
  * Updated syntaxhighlighting with new versions:
    + lex : fixes problems with multiple patterns with one action
    + maple: detect detecting not-enough closing parentheses, curly braces,
      and braces.
    + PCCTS: various stuff
    + postscript: lots of fixes, add ghostscript support
    + sh: various small things
    + tex: fix problems with identifying $...$ as TexMathZone
    + vim: highlight comment zones correctly
    + xpm: also escape /
    + yacc: fix problems with multiple embedded {} blocks.

vm         - A mail user agent for Emacs
vm 6.62-2 -> 6.62-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/mail
vm (6.62-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Try and make the installation quieter.

w3-el-doc  - Documentation for w3-el.
w3-el-e19  - Web browser for FSF Emacs 19
w3-el-e20  - Web browser for FSF Emacs 20
w3-el-doc 4.0pre.23-3 -> 4.0pre.23-4 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/web
w3-el-doc 4.0pre.23-3 -> 4.0pre.23-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web
w3-el-e19 4.0pre.23-3 -> 4.0pre.23-4 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/web
w3-el-e19 4.0pre.23-3 -> 4.0pre.23-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web
w3-el-e20 4.0pre.23-3 -> 4.0pre.23-4 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/web
w3-el-e20 4.0pre.23-3 -> 4.0pre.23-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web
w3-el (4.0pre.23-4) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Add load path in start file to fix problem observed by Manoj
    Srivastava <srivasta@datasync.com>.

xaos       - real-time interactive fractal zoomer
xaos 3.0-5 -> 3.0-6 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/graphics
xaos (3.0-6) unstable; urgency=low
  * Rebuilt with ncurses 4.

xaos       - real-time interactive fractal zoomer
xaos 3.0-6 -> 3.0-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/graphics
xaos (3.0-7) unstable; urgency=low
  * No changes. This upload is made only to let the powerpc people compile
    xaos with the correct libraries to fix bug #28884.

xmame      - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
xmame-gl   - GL binaries for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
xmame-svga - SVGALIB binaries for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
xmame-x    - X binaries for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
xmame-gl 0.34b5.2-1 -> 0.34b6.1-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-i386/games
xmame-svga 0.34b5.2-1 -> 0.34b6.1-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-i386/games
xmame-x 0.34b5.2-1 -> 0.34b6.1-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-i386/games
xmame 0.34b5.2-1 -> 0.34b6.1-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-all/games
xmame (0.34b6.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release.

xspread    - Spreadsheet program based on sc 6.22 for X Windows
xspread 3.1.1c-4 -> 3.1.1c-6 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/math
xspread (3.1.1c-6) unstable; urgency=low
  * Removal of redundant configure,v file from upstream sources (Bug#27933)
  * Closing Bug#11636 because menu entry added

xwhois     - RFC954 whois client
xwhois 0.2.3-1 -> 0.2.3-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
xwhois (0.2.3-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed calls to update-menu in postinst/postrm (closes: Bug#28764)

ytree      - ytree file manager
ytree 1.64-3 -> 1.64-4.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils
ytree (1.64-4.1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Non-maintainer release approved by maintainer
  * Upload for frozen and unstable
  * change depends from ncurses to libncurses.

----- New Packages ----------------------

abuse      - Crack dot Com's Abuse action game.
abuse 2.00-12 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games

dpsclient  - Adobe's Display Postscript Client library
dpsclient-demos - Demos for the Display Postscript Client library
dpsclient-demos 0.5.0-1 into dists/potato/contrib/binary-powerpc/x11
dpsclient 0.5.0-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11

dstool-doc - documents for dstool
dstool-doc 2.0-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/doc
dstool-doc 2.0-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc

dstooltk-doc - documents for dstooltk
dstooltk-doc 2.0-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/doc
dstooltk-doc 2.0-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc

gtk+-docs  - GTK-, GDK- and GLIB-documentation in HTML and PS
gtk+-docs 0.1998.10.30-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc

libgtk1.1  - The GIMP Toolkit set of widgets for X, unstable branch
libgtk1.1-dbg - Debugging files for the GIMP Toolkit, unstable branch
libgtk1.1-dev - Development files for the GIMP Toolkit, unstable branch
libgtk1.1-dbg 1.1.2-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libgtk1.1-dev 1.1.2-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libgtk1.1 1.1.2-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs

gdk-imlib-dev - Header files needed for Gdk-Imlib development
gdk-imlib1 - Gdk-Imlib is an imaging library for use with gtk
imlib-dev  - Header files needed for Imlib development
imlib-progs - Configuration program for Imlib and GDK-Imlib
imlib1     - Imlib is an imaging library for X and X11
gdk-imlib-dev 1.8.1-0.2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/graphics
gdk-imlib1 1.8.1-0.2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
imlib-dev 1.8.1-0.2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/graphics
imlib-progs 1.8.1-0.2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/graphics
imlib1 1.8.1-0.2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/graphics

iplogger   - TCP and ICMP event logger
iplogger 1.1-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net

latte      - The Language for Transforming Text (currently to html)
latte 1.0.1-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web

makedev    - Creates special device files in /dev.
makedev 2.3.1-7 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/base
makedev 2.3.1-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/base

communicator-base-45 - Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (base support)
communicator-dmotif-45 - Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (full dynamic Motif versi
communicator-nethelp-45 - Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (runtime help files)
communicator-smotif-45 - Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (full static Motif versio
communicator-spellchk-45 - Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (spelling dictionary)
navigator-base-45 - Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (base support)
navigator-dmotif-45 - Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (full dynamic Motif versi
navigator-nethelp-45 - Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (runtime help files)
navigator-smotif-45 - Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (full static Motif versio
netscape-base-45 - Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (base support)
netscape-java-45 - Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (java runtime files)
communicator-base-45 4.5-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/web
communicator-base-45 4.5-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-i386/web
communicator-dmotif-45 4.5-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/web
communicator-dmotif-45 4.5-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-i386/web
communicator-nethelp-45 4.5-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-all/web
communicator-nethelp-45 4.5-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-all/web
communicator-smotif-45 4.5-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/web
communicator-smotif-45 4.5-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-i386/web
communicator-spellchk-45 4.5-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-all/web
communicator-spellchk-45 4.5-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-all/web
navigator-base-45 4.5-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/web
navigator-base-45 4.5-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-i386/web
navigator-dmotif-45 4.5-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/web
navigator-dmotif-45 4.5-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-i386/web
navigator-nethelp-45 4.5-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-all/web
navigator-nethelp-45 4.5-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-all/web
navigator-smotif-45 4.5-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/web
navigator-smotif-45 4.5-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-i386/web
netscape-base-45 4.5-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/web
netscape-base-45 4.5-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-i386/web
netscape-java-45 4.5-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-all/web
netscape-java-45 4.5-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-all/web

prcs       - The Project Revision Control System
prcs 1.2.11-0.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel

twclock    - Clock program for hamradio operators
twclock 1.2-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/hamradio

twlog      - Logging program for hamradio operators
twlog 1.1-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/hamradio

vat        - LBNL audio conferencing tool over the internet.
vat 4.0b2-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11

xchat      - IRC client for X similar to AmIRC
xchat 0.2.5-0 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net

xconvers   - Convers client for X
xconvers 0.4-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/hamradio

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