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New Debian hurd-i386 Packages

These hurd-i386 packages were installed into the Debian hierarchy in the
last week:

----- Low Urgency Packages --------------

checkbot   - a WWW link verifier
checkbot 1.51-1 -> 1.51-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/web
checkbot (1.51-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Add dependency on libhtml-tree-perl

cvs-buildpackage - Debian package scripts for CVS source trees.
cvs-buildpackage 2.08 -> 2.09 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
cvs-buildpackage (2.09) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fix a couple of typos involving version and name specification.
    closes: BUG#26973, BUG#26974

cvs-buildpackage - Debian package scripts for CVS source trees.
cvs-buildpackage 2.09 -> 2.10 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
cvs-buildpackage (2.10) unstable; urgency=low
  * The cvs-buildpackage program now honors the CVSDEB_PREFIX environment
    variable, just like cvs-inject and cvs-upgrade programs. It does not
    honor the configuration variable conf_prefix (it never has), and this
    is now documented.

developers-reference - Debian Developer's Reference
developers-reference -> into dists/slink/main/binary-all/doc
developers-reference ( unstable; urgency=low
  * fill in Section "The master server" a bit; other servers to follow
  * in Section "Distribution directories", mention that distributions
    are always in 'dists' subdir of the Debian archive; talk about
  * in Section "Release code names", talk about 'sid' a bit
  * in Section "Interim releases", talk about how non-maintainers should
    use the BTS, and bug severity "fixed" (closes Bug#17524)
  * in Section "Generating the changes file", talk about how to set the
    distribution in the debian/changelog file (i.e., "frozen unstable")
  * add a new Section "Checking the package prior to upload" to Section
    "Uploading a package", mentioning lintian and other tests one should
    do prior to uploading
  * add new Section "Notification that a new package has been installed"
    in Section "Uploading a package", talking about dinstall and the
    override file a bit
  * add new Sections "Moving packages", "Removing packages", "Replacing or
    renaming packages", and "Orphaning a package" (closes Bug#26650)
  * add new Section "Bugs in your packages", talking about maintainer
    duties with respect to bugs
  * add new Section "Lintian reports" under "Handling bugs reports",
    talking about how maintainers should check their packages with lintian
    every now and then, alternatively pointing them to the lintian web
  * clarify, a bit, the use of "section" and "subsection", bringing it
    into line with the usage in the Policy Manual and Packaging Manual
  * grammar and markup changes throughout
  * debian/rules: added a crude source-depends rule, which renders more
    explicit what is used to build this package

dh-make    - Debianizing Tool for debhelper
dh-make 0.5 -> 0.6 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
dh-make (0.6) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed problems with multi packages not using the -i and -a flags.
  * Added upstream author into copyright template (Bug #25622 )
  * Upstream changelogs handled by dh_installchangelogs rather than
    dh_installdocs (Bug #25961 )
  * Attempted at another go at the version guessing (Bug #22689 )

dlint      - Checks dns zone information using nameserver lookups
dlint 1.3.1-1 -> 1.3.1-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/net
dlint (1.3.1-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * digparse is installed in /usr/lib/dlint instead of /usr/bin as it
    is not to be called by user.
  * Corrected FSF address (fixes Lintian error).
  * Upstream changelog is now named changelog.gz (fixes Lintian warning).
  * Added missing .gz to /usr/doc/dlint/README (#25051).
  * Binaries and manpages are in /usr instead of /usr/X11R6 now (#25423).

docbook-stylesheets - Modular DocBook stylesheets, for print and HTML
docbook-stylesheets 1.12-1 -> 1.13-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/text
docbook-stylesheets (1.13-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * new upstream release
  * remove custom parameter, peril-tblwidth

emacspeak-ss - Emacspeak speech server for several synthesizers
emacspeak-ss 0.5-1 -> 0.5-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/editors
emacspeak-ss (0.5-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Include TROUBLESHOOTING and testit in package.

installmanual-de - Debian install manual in German
installmanual-de 1.3.2 -> 2.0.0 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/doc
installmanual-de (2.0.0) unstable; urgency=low
  * new version from Alexander Haderer <afrika@first.gmd.de>, see
    README for a more detailed description
  * removed local copies of the original english documentation - I see
    no more need
  * make lintian (0.8.2) happy

ipmasq     - Initializes IP Masquerade firewalling/forwarding
ipmasq 3.1.3 -> 3.2.0 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/admin
ipmasq (3.2.0) unstable; urgency=low
  * Added -d display rules flag
  * Applied speedup patch from Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@datasync.com>
  * Fixed ipofif (#27011)
  * Added TODO

linbot     - WWW site link checker
linbot 0.5.4-1 -> 0.8-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/web
linbot (0.8-1) stable unstable; urgency=low
  * Upgraded to new upstream version.
  * Upgraded to debian policy version
  * Changed package building scripts to work around change in debhelper.
  * Changed location of linbot supplied python packages to conform to
    python standard location.  Thanks to Gregor Hoffleit
    <flight@mathi.uni-heidelberg.DE>.  (bug #22235).
  * Changed location of upstream source.
  * Removed old revision of urllib.py (1.9) since linbot now works
    with urllib.py (1.10) that ships with python-1.5.1.

linbot     - WWW site link checker
linbot 0.8-1 -> 0.8-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/web
linbot (0.8-2) stable unstable; urgency=low
  * Corrected typo in HTML documentation.
  * Corrected minor bugs in package building scripts.
  * Removed CVS keywords from final build.

perlmoo    - server for an online multiuser virtual world, implemented in perl
perlmoo 0.022 -> 0.023 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/net
perlmoo (0.023) unstable; urgency=low
  * Db changes this version:
    - new delete verb.
  * Fixed show. (Don't use ALL and ID, use all and id).
  * Added complicated delete object patch from Randolph.
  * Fixed perlmoo-dbconvert so it works again.
  * You can now use the perl s/// command in a limited form while
    interacting with the moo, to recall your last command, modify it, and
    execute it. Just for kicks, this is a perl moo, after all! :-)
  * Fixed more code to use \r\n, not just \n.
  * Exits command goes by permissions now, not hardcoded values.
  * Split off a WISHLIST from TODO.
  * Fixed look object in me bug.

smb2www    - A Windows Network client that is accessible through a web browser
smb2www 980804-1 -> 980804-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/net
smb2www (980804-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed samba-images entry in config file (Bug #26500 )
  * Got postinst to pause after printing message (Bug #26656 )

tkcvs      - A graphical front-end to CVS
tkcvs 6.0-12 -> 6.0p6.1a3-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
tkcvs (6.0p6.1a3-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New version (fixes bug #26981).
  * Removed deprecated icon tag in the menu entry.

tob        - Small yet powerful program for tape oriented backups.
tob 0.14-10 -> 0.14-11 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/utils
tob (0.14-11) unstable; urgency=low
  * Corrected non-removal of logfiles for incremental backups when full
    backups are created. Thanks to Behan Webster <behanw@verisim.com> for
    informing me about this bug.

----- New Packages ----------------------

checkbot   - a WWW link verifier
checkbot 1.51-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/web

libgdbmg1  - GNU dbm database routines (runtime version). [libc6 version]
libgdbmg1-dev - GNU dbm database routines (development files) [libc6 version]
libgdbmg1-dev 1.7.3-25 into dists/slink/main/binary-hurd-i386/devel
libgdbmg1 1.7.3-25 into dists/slink/main/binary-hurd-i386/base

libncurses4 - Video terminal manipulation - shared libraries
libncurses4-dbg - Video terminal manipulation - Debugging/profiling libraries.
libncurses4-dev - Video terminal manipulation - Developer's libraries and docs.
ncurses-base - Video terminal manipulation - Minimum terminal emulations
ncurses-bin - Video terminal manipulation - associated programs and man pages
ncurses-term - Video terminal manipulation - additional terminal files
libncurses4-dbg 4.2-0 into project/experimental
libncurses4-dev 4.2-0 into project/experimental
libncurses4 4.2-0 into project/experimental
ncurses-base 4.2-0 into project/experimental
ncurses-bin 4.2-0 into project/experimental
ncurses-term 4.2-0 into project/experimental

perlmoo    - server for an online multiuser virtual world, implemented in perl
perlmoo 0.022 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/net

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