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New Debian i386 Packages

These i386 packages were installed into the Debian hierarchy in the
last week:

----- !!! HIGH URGENCY PACKAGES !!! -----

ae         - Anthony's Editor -- a tiny full-screen editor
ae 962-17.1 -> 962-18 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/base
ae 962-17.1 -> 962-18 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/base
ae (962-18) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * rebuilt ae.rc for both console and xterm keys:
  *          fixes 4755, 16508, 17107, and 20749
  * rebuilt ae2vi.rc and ae2vix.rc to supply vi in console and xterm:
  *          fixes 8350, 17086, 17757, 17794, 21266, and 21649
  * modified ae.rc to provide control keys for use over telnet:
  *          fixes 20439
  * applied Jim Mintha's CR patch to key.c:  fixes 18581
  * applied Jim Mintha's slang colors patch: fixes 21267
  * add .gz extention to slave manpage: fixes 21165
  * remove substvars and files from debian/ : fixes 21276

ae         - Anthony's Editor -- a tiny full-screen editor
ae 962-18 -> 962-19 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/base
ae 962-18 -> 962-19 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/base
ae (962-19) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * rebuilt ae.rc to provide emacs keybindings
  *      provides full functionality on terminals without function keys.
  * new keybindings remove the problem with ^O (file write)
  *      when used under Midnight Commander, which caused ae to abort.

debiandoc-sgml - Documentation formatting for Debian manuals
debiandoc-sgml 1.0.17 -> 1.0.18 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/text
debiandoc-sgml 1.0.17 -> 1.0.18 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/text
debiandoc-sgml (1.0.18) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * spec-html,spec-lout: fixed a stupid perl typo (fixes bug #22316)

debianutils - Miscellaneous utilities specific to Debian.
debianutils 1.8.9 into bo-updates
debianutils 1.5 -> 1.8.9 into bo/binary-i386/base
debianutils (1.8.9) stable; urgency=HIGH
  * Recompiled for bo to get mktemp and tempfile. fixes #22385.

nextaw     - Nextstep-like look for X apps using the Athena widgets
nextaw 0.5.1-4bo1 into bo-updates

svgalib-bin - SVGA display utilities
svgalib1   - SVGA display utilities [libc5 compat]
svgalib1-altdev - Shared, non-x, graphics library used by Ghostscript et al.
svgalibg1  - SVGA display utilities
svgalibg1-dev - Shared, non-x, graphics library used by Ghostscript et al.
svgalib-bin 1.2.13-3.1 -> 1.2.13-3.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/graphics
svgalib-bin 1.2.13-3.1 -> 1.2.13-3.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/graphics
svgalib1-altdev 1.2.13-3.1 -> 1.2.13-3.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/oldlibs
svgalib1-altdev 1.2.13-3.1 -> 1.2.13-3.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/oldlibs
svgalib1 1.2.13-3.1 -> 1.2.13-3.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/oldlibs
svgalib1 1.2.13-3.1 -> 1.2.13-3.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/oldlibs
svgalibg1-dev 1.2.13-3.1 -> 1.2.13-3.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/graphics
svgalibg1-dev 1.2.13-3.1 -> 1.2.13-3.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/graphics
svgalibg1 1.2.13-3.1 -> 1.2.13-3.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/libs
svgalibg1 1.2.13-3.1 -> 1.2.13-3.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/libs
svgalib (1:1.2.13-3.2) unstable frozen; urgency=high
  * more conflicts for svgalib1, svgalibg1, svgalibg1-dev (fixes 20895, 20910)
  * call ldconfig on postinst --configure - packaging-manual section 12

xbase      - local clients and configuration required by X
xbooks     - general X Window System documentation
xext       - Extensions to X servers
xfnt100    - 100 dpi fonts for X servers
xfnt75     - 75 dpi fonts for X servers
xfntbase   - standard fonts for X servers
xfntbig    - large fonts for X servers
xlib6      - shared libraries required by libc5 X clients
xlib6-altdev - include files and libraries for libc5 X client development
xlib6g     - shared libraries required by X clients
xlib6g-dev - include files and libraries for X client development
xmanpages  - manual pages for X developers
xnest      - nested X server
xprt       - X print server
xserver-8514 - X server for 8514/A-based graphics cards
xserver-agx - X server for AGX/XGA-based graphics cards
xserver-i128 - X server for Imagine 128 graphics cards
xserver-mach32 - X server for Mach32-based graphics cards
xserver-mach64 - X server for Mach64-based graphics cards
xserver-mach8 - X server for Mach8-based graphics cards
xserver-mono - X server for mono graphics cards
xserver-p9000 - X server for P9000-based graphics cards
xserver-s3 - X server for S3-based graphics cards
xserver-s3v - X server for S3 ViRGE and ViRGE/VX-based graphics cards
xserver-svga - X server for SVGA graphics cards
xserver-vga16 - X server for VGA graphics cards and X server setup program
xserver-w32 - X server for W32-based graphics cards
xslib      - statically linked versions of the libraries in xlib6
xslibg     - statically linked versions of the libraries in xlib6g
xvfb       - virtual framebuffer X server
xbase 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xbase 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xbooks 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/x11
xbooks 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-all/x11
xext 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xext 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xfnt100 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/x11
xfnt100 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-all/x11
xfnt75 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/x11
xfnt75 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-all/x11
xfntbase 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/x11
xfntbase 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-all/x11
xfntbig 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/x11
xfntbig 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-all/x11
xlib6-altdev 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/oldlibs
xlib6-altdev 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/oldlibs
xlib6 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/oldlibs
xlib6 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/oldlibs
xlib6g-dev 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xlib6g-dev 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xlib6g 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xlib6g 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xmanpages 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/x11
xmanpages 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-all/x11
xnest 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xnest 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xprt 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xprt 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-8514 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-8514 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-agx 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-agx 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-i128 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-i128 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-mach32 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-mach32 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-mach64 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-mach64 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-mach8 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-mach8 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-mono 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-mono 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-p9000 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-p9000 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-s3 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-s3 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-s3v 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-s3v 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-svga 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-svga 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-vga16 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-vga16 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-w32 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xserver-w32 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xslib 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/oldlibs
xslib 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/oldlibs
xslibg 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xslibg 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xvfb 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xvfb 3.3.2-4 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xfree86 ( frozen unstable; urgency=HIGH
  * Upstream security release for Xaw library and xterm (including patches by
    our very own Richard Braakman) (Fixes: #21791,21794)
  * config/cf/linux.cf: define HasZlib YES, should result in some smaller
    binaries (thanks, Topi Miettinen)
  * config/cf/lnxLib.rules: link extension modules with -lc (thanks, James
  * programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/xf86config/xfconfig86.c: fix insecure
    handling of temp files (thanks, Topi Miettinen)
  * programs/xdm/Imakefile: crude hack to force linking with -lcrypt; I think
    something may have changed with libc6 (or maybe the linker tools?) on
    master to break this, as I haven't had to do this before
  * programs/xfs/xfs.man: update man page
  * programs/xfs/os/config.c: let -port command line option override port
    specified in config file (thanks, Topi Miettinen)
  * programs/xfs/os/osutils.c: add -nodaemon command line option (thanks, Topi
  * programs/xfs/os/utils.c: support -port command line override and new
    -nodaemon option (thanks, Topi Miettinen)
  * programs/xfs/os/utils.c: update usage message
  * programs/xinit/startx.cpp: fixed xauth cookie generator (thanks, Adam
    Heath) (Fixes: #21846,21862,21887,21958,22136)
  * debian/control: changed dependencies of xslib and xslibg to no longer be
  * debian/control: xnest and i386 xservers now replace old versions of xbase,
    since their manpages were moved into them from xbase
  * debian/create-arch-xbase: exclude X server and XF86Setup manpages from
    xbase package
  * debian/create-arch-xbase: exclude Xnest manpage from xbase package
    (Fixes: #21894,21998,22043,22146)
  * debian/create-font: do not ship fonts.dir; mkfontdir runs anyway in the
    font postinst; this also allows us an easy way of checking whether a font
    package has been configured or not
  * debian/create-server: put X server and XF86Setup manpages in appropriate
    server packages
  * debian/create-server-fake: handle manpages whether they exist or not
    (Fixes: #21438)
  * debian/xbase-configure: fixed dumb close bracket mistake(s)
    (Fixes: #21857,21873,21999,22017,22061,22148)
  * debian/xbase-configure: implemented $condecho hack (thanks, Paul Slootman)
  * debian/xbase-configure: only exit if not being sourced
  * debian/xbase-configure: check for existence of fonts.dir files for xfntbase
    and xfnt75 before attempting to run XF86Setup
  * debian/xbase-dirs: added back mistakenly deleted "/var/lib/xdm"
    (Fixes: #21782); removed "/var/lib/xfs" (xfs now uses syslog to log errors)
  * debian/xbase-init.d-xdm: brought messages and start-stop-daemon call into
    line with policy (Fixes: #22110)
  * debian/xbase-init.d-xfs: brought messages and start-stop-daemon call into
    line with policy (Fixes: #22110)
  * debian/xbase-init.d-xfs: removed use of -port option when invoking xfs
    (the port may be set in /etc/X11/xfs/config)
  * debian/xbase-init.d-xfs: removed use of -config option; xfs defaults to
    looking in the right place
  * debian/xbase-init.d-xfs: return to running as root until some non-root
    issues are worked out
  * debian/xbase-preinst: implemented $condecho hack (thanks, Paul Slootman)
  * debian/xbase-postinst: correct reference to README file in existing
    versions of /etc/X11/config
  * debian/xbase-postinst: don't copy old directory contents if the
    directories are empty (Fixes: #22166)
  * debian/xbase-postinst: quoted $input (Fixes: #22025)
  * debian/xbase-postinst: implemented $condecho hack (thanks, Paul Slootman)
  * debian/xbase-postinst: don't run if xdm or xfs running
  * debian/xbase-writeconfig: set *VT100*backarrowkey resource to false;
    this makes the backspace key comply with Debian keyboard policy (^?); set
    *VT100.Translations: #override <Key>Delete: string("\033[3~"); this
    makes the delete key comply with Debian keyboard policy
    (Fixes: #2313,6472,6689,15994,20622)
  * debian/xbase-writeconfig: make Home and End keys generate same sequences
    as they do in the virtual console
  * debian/xbase-writeconfig: make Xaw applications understand the delete key
  * debian/xbase-writeconfig: remove cyrillic font directory from xfs's default     catalog, since Cyrillic is not a standard font
  * debian/xbase-writeconfig: check for existence of xmessage before using it
    to display /etc/nologin
  * debian/xbase-writeconfig: add/change some of the comments written to the
    many configuration files in /etc/X11
  * debian/xbase-writeconfig: backed out change of default xterm colors,
    introduced in 3.3.2-4 (Fixes: #21864,22194)
  * debian/xserver-postinst: tweaked old file backup names and repaired
    server changing procedure (Fixes: #21858,21957,21980,22062,22201)
  * debian/xserver-postinst: implemented $condecho hack (thanks, Paul Slootman)
  * debian/xserver-postinst: if /etc/X11/Xserver does not exist, default to
    X server being installed
  * added comment including string "Debian:" to all modified upstream files
  * bugs fixed prior to this release, by other packages, or non-bugs:

----- MEDIUM Urgency Packages -----------

cfingerd   - Configurable and secure finger daemon
cfingerd 1.3.2-8 -> 1.3.2-9 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/net
cfingerd 1.3.2-8 -> 1.3.2-9 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/net
cfingerd (1.3.2-9) frozen unstable; urgency=medium, closes=21230 21566
  * Corrected search_fake() which depended on 80 char strings but received
    a 100 character one.  (closes: Bug#21230)
  * Protected defines.h with ifdef
  * Added reference to new development team
  * Added reference to new mailing list
  * Changed error address to the new mailing list
  * When the remote identd refuses the request cfingerd will handle this
    correctly (closes: Bug#21566)

iraf       - IRAF - Image Reduction and Analysis Facility
iraf 2.11.1-1 -> 2.11.1-2 into dists/hamm/contrib/binary-i386/misc
iraf 2.11.1-2 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-i386/misc
iraf (2.11.1-2) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * Bumped standards version to
  * Updated the postinst so that it forces the final-phase
    configuration script to look for (and attempt to place) the
    program symlinks in /usr/bin, rather than asking the user for a
    location (and defaulting to /usr/local/bin if you just press
    return).  It won't actually put them there because I've now
    hardwired the symlinks into the package itself to prevent
    aggravation of the namespace pollution problem that I haven't been
    able to fix (see the README.Debian file).
    Still, this closes Bug#21163.
  * Placed some notes in the README.Debian about possible problems
  * Filed a bug against the package (#22318) about the lack of manpages
    for the user-executable commands created via symlink in the last
    stage and created manpages for all of them symlinked to

netstd     - Networking binaries and daemons for Linux
netstd 3.05-1 -> 3.06-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/net
netstd 3.05-1 -> 3.06-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/net
netstd (3.06-1) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * added "Replaces: wu-ftpd, wu-ftpd-academ" in order to prevent problems
    with old wu-ftpd, wu-ftpd-academ packages
  * removed cpp dependency
  * routed: made the trace function a compile time option (disabled by
            default for security reasons), fixes: Bug#22175
  * rusersd: fixed some not null-terminated variables (patch from
	     Joerg Kleuver <kleuver@shadowgate.rhein.de>)
  * nfs-server: upgraded to nfs-server-2.2beta34
  * fping: upgraded to fping-2.2b1, fixes: Bug#20078
  * vrfy: upgraded to vrfy-971114

procmail   - Versatile e-mail processor.
procmail 3.10.7-5 -> 3.10.7-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/mail
procmail 3.10.7-5 -> 3.10.7-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/mail
procmail (3.10.7-6) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * Patched mailfold.c to avoid the unnecessary one second wait when
    delivering to MH folders (patch by the author).
  * src/locking.c: Applied a bugfix patch from the author.

rman       - PolyglotMan - Reverse compile man pages
rman 3.0.4-3 -> 3.0.4-4 into dists/hamm/non-free/binary-i386/doc
rman (3.0.4-4) frozen unstable; urgency=medium, closes=21769 22098 22100 22187
  * Removed +x flag on menu file (closes: Bug#21769, Bug#22098, Bug#22100,
  * Added postinst and postrm to call update-menue (lintian)

smartlist  - Versatile and Intelligent List Processor
smartlist 3.10.7-3 -> 3.10.7-4 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/mail
smartlist 3.10.7-4 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/mail
smartlist (3.10.7-4) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * Improved rc.request to catch an unusual queue warning (Bug #22091).
  * Fixed multigram.c to reduce load (patch by the author).
  * Standards-Version: 2.4.1.

xpostitplus - PostIt notes for X windows
xpostitplus 2.3.1-6 -> 2.3.1-7 into dists/hamm/non-free/binary-i386/x11
xpostitplus 2.3.1-6 -> 2.3.1-7 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/x11
xpostitplus (2.3.1-7) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * Added menu entry. Fixes Bug#22419.

----- Low Urgency Packages --------------

2utf       - Translates char-sets and decodes MIME.
2utf 1.03 -> 1.04 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/text
2utf 1.04 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/text
2utf (1.04) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed approximations for HTML documents and for UCS-2/UCS-4.
  * Fixed segfault when invoked with -2 or -4 options and some charsets.
  * Fixed endianness tests.

acct       - The GNU Accounting utilities.
acct 6.3.2-2 -> 6.3.2-4 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/admin
acct 6.3.2-3 -> 6.3.2-4 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/admin
acct (6.3.2-4) frozen unstable; urgency=low, closes=22215
  * Changed debian/rules to not install last.1 as we don't install the
    last(1) command from acct (but rather sysvinit's) (fixes #22215)

afbackup   - Client-Server Backup System (Server side)
afbackup-client - Client-Server Backup System (Client side)
afbackup-client 2.11.5-3 -> 2.11.5-4 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/utils
afbackup-client 2.11.5-3 -> 2.11.5-4 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/utils
afbackup 2.11.5-3 -> 2.11.5-4 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/utils
afbackup 2.11.5-3 -> 2.11.5-4 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/utils
afbackup (2.11.5-4) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * added dependency on c-shell for the client package (reported by lintian;
    it's needed for the afclientconfig script)
  * included snippet of debian/rules in README.server.Debian to show the
    configuration of the package if you want to build for a non-Debian
    machine; suggested by Ossama Othman othman@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu
  * changed default configuration files to include [Afbackup]: in the
    header of afbackup mails; suggested by Christophe Broult
  * state in README.client.Debian under which circumstances the configuration
    files in /etc are used

alien      - Install Red Hat and Slackware Packages with dpkg.
alien 6.02 -> 6.02hamm1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/admin
alien (6.02hamm1) frozen; urgency=low
  * Fixed -k switch (#22168).
  * Release only for hamm, becuase alien has already branched for slink.

anacron    - a cron-like program that doesn't go by time
anacron 2.0.1-1 -> 2.0.1-2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/admin
anacron 2.0.1-1 -> 2.0.1-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/admin
anacron (2.0.1-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Orphaned package
  * Incorporated changes from last NMR (fixes:bug#21598)

apache     - Versatile, high-performance HTTP server
apache-dev - Apache webserver development kit
apache-doc - Apache documentation
apache-dev 1.3b6-2 -> 1.3b6-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/web
apache-dev 1.3b6-2 -> 1.3b6-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/web
apache-doc 1.3b6-2 -> 1.3b6-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/web
apache-doc 1.3b6-2 -> 1.3b6-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/web
apache 1.3b6-2 -> 1.3b6-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/web
apache 1.3b6-2 -> 1.3b6-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/web
apache (1.3b6-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low, closes=22074 21525 21532 21708 21778 21893
  * Closed huge gaping suexec security hole with patch from Gergely
    Madarasz (#21525).
  * Fixed typo in apaci build file (#22074), correcting version replies.
  * The config program now asks only the questions it needs to during
    upgrades, avoiding the more lengthier queries, as recommended by
    Andreas Jellinghaus.
  * Added Options Indexes for /usr/doc in access.conf (#21708).
  * Fixed typo in postinst (#21532).
  * Improved cron script so it can rotate the apache logfile just once a
    month, or even only once a year, by popular demand (#21893).
  * Closed #21778, as mod_log_referer (sic) is replaced by mod_log_config.

apmd       - Utilities for Advanced Power Management (APM) on laptops
apmd 2.4-9 -> 2.4-10 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/admin
apmd 2.4-10 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/admin
apmd (2.4-10) frozen unstable; urgency=low, Closes=4593
  * Added missing 'zero' elements at last position of the longopts[] array
    so that apm(1) no longer segfaults on unknown arguments (fixes #4593)
  * Changed Description: in debian/control (lintian)
  * Removed blurb about 'needs 1.3.x kernels' in debian/control
  * Converted debian/rules to debhelper
  * Upgraded to Debian Policy 2.4.1

apt        - Graphical Front-End for dpkg
apt 0.0.9 -> 0.0.10 into project/experimental
apt (0.0.10) experimental; urgency=low
  * Run "dpkg --configure -a" after an aborted dselect install
  * Fixed problem with install looping
  * Support for authenticating proxys: (note this isn't terribly secure)
  * Substitute $ARCH in sources.list
  * Fixes in the resumption code for ftp

apt        - Graphical Front-End for dpkg
apt 0.0.10 -> 0.0.11 into project/experimental
apt (0.0.11) experimental; urgency=low
  * Change dependancies to pre-depends since breaking your packaging tools
    in the middle of an installation isn't very good.
  * Bug fixes to ftp method and general apt-get code

apt        - Graphical Front-End for dpkg
apt 0.0.11 -> 0.0.12 into project/experimental
apt (0.0.12) experimental; urgency=low
  * Fixed problems with package cache corruption.
  * Made to depend on libc6 >= 2.0.7pre1 due to timezone problems with
    earlier versions.
  * Interface and documentation improvements.

bible-kjv  - King James Version of the Bible: user interface program.
bible-kjv-text - King James Version of the Bible - text and concordance
bible-kjv-text 4.00-6 -> 4.00-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/doc
bible-kjv-text 4.00-7 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/doc
bible-kjv 4.00-6 -> 4.00-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/doc
bible-kjv 4.00-7 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/doc
bible-kjv (4.00-7) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Edited manpage to change /usr/local/lib to /usr/lib. Fixes bug#22365.

binutils   - The GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities.
binutils-dev - The GNU binary utilities (BFD development files)
binutils-dev 2.9.1-0.1 -> 2.9.1-0.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
binutils-dev 2.9.1-0.1 -> 2.9.1-0.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
binutils 2.9.1-0.1 -> 2.9.1-0.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
binutils 2.9.1-0.1 -> 2.9.1-0.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
binutils (2.9.1-0.2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed binutils-dev dependencies.

bug        - Bug Reporting Tool interfacing with the Bug Tracking System
bug 3.1.4 -> 3.1.5 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/utils
bug 3.1.4 -> 3.1.5 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/utils
bug (3.1.5) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Nicer list of dependencies, an idea from Joey Hess, fixes bug #22262.

bzip2      - a high-quality block-sorting file compressor
bzip2 0.1pl2-4 -> 0.1pl2-5 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/utils
bzip2 0.1pl2-0bo4 -> 0.1pl2-5 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/utils
bzip2 (0.1pl2-5) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Removed dh_du from debian/rules.
    (Fixed Lintian error: unknown-control-file du)
  * Upgraded to standards version (no changes).
  * Fixed Lintian error: copyright-refers-to-compressed-license
  * Removed the note about bzip2's magic numbers in README.Debian.
    The new Debian `file' package already includes them.  :-)

cdtool     - some text-based commands for managing a CD
cdtool 2.1.4-1 -> 2.1.4-2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/sound
cdtool 2.1.4-1 -> 2.1.4-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/sound
cdtool (2.1.4-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fix upstream bug stopping cdir from working. (#22171)
  * Transfer uninitialized variables code for database.c from 2.0. (#20117)

libdb2     - The Berkeley database routines (run-time files).
libdb2++   - The Berkeley database routines (c++ run-time files).
libdb2++-dbg - The Berkeley database routines (debugging c++ library).
libdb2++-dev - The Berkeley database routines (c++ development files).
libdb2-dbg - The Berkeley database routines (debugging library).
libdb2-dev - The Berkeley database routines (development files).
libdb2++-dbg 2.3.16-6 -> 2.3.16-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
libdb2++-dbg 2.3.16-6 -> 2.3.16-7 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
libdb2++-dev 2.3.16-6 -> 2.3.16-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
libdb2++-dev 2.3.16-6 -> 2.3.16-7 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
libdb2++ 2.3.16-6 -> 2.3.16-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/libs
libdb2++ 2.3.16-6 -> 2.3.16-7 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/libs
libdb2-dbg 2.3.16-6 -> 2.3.16-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
libdb2-dbg 2.3.16-6 -> 2.3.16-7 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
libdb2-dev 2.3.16-6 -> 2.3.16-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
libdb2-dev 2.3.16-6 -> 2.3.16-7 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
libdb2 2.3.16-6 -> 2.3.16-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/libs
libdb2 2.3.16-6 -> 2.3.16-7 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/libs
db (2.3.16-7) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed forwarded bug#21233 (log corrupted) using a patch supplied by
    <camm@enhanced.com> and approved upstream. (closes: #21233)

debhelper  - helper programs for debian/rules
debhelper 0.79 -> 0.79hamm1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/devel
debhelper (0.79hamm1) frozen; urgency=low
  * Upload to hamm only becuase debhelper has branched for slink.
  * dh_strip: strip .comment and .note, not comment and note, when stripping
    elf binaries. This makes for smaller output files. This has always been
    broken in debhelper before! (#22395)

debhelper  - helper programs for debian/rules
debhelper 0.86 -> 0.87 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
debhelper (0.87) unstable; urgency=low
  * dh_strip: strip .comment and .note, not comment and note, when stripping
    elf binaries. This makes for smaller output files. This has always been
    broken in debhelper before! (#22395)

dhelp      - online help system
dhelp 0.3.7 -> 0.3.8 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/doc
dhelp 0.3.7 -> 0.3.8 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/doc
dhelp (0.3.8) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * debian/postinst: redirect glimpse messages to /dev/null
                     (reported bug)
  * debian/control: httpd recommends -> suggests (reported bug)

diffstat   - produces graph of changes introduced by a diff file
diffstat 1.26-2 -> 1.27-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
diffstat (1.27-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Now understands debian diff files (Fixes #20745)
  * New upstream release.

dip        - Tool for handling SLIP/PPP dialup IP connections
dip 3.3.7p-1 -> 3.3.7p-2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/net
dip 3.3.7p-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/net
dip (3.3.7p-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * applied patch supplied by Goran Gajic <ggajic@AFRODITA.RCUB.BG.AC.YU>
    which closes: #22164 [dip -k -l `perl -e 'print "a" x 2000'`]
    (thanx to James Troup, Christian Hudon and Andrea Arcangeli)
  * added a /etc/ppp.dip conffile script working for dynamic PPP
  * added messages (option verbose) to report init string and return
    strings. There is a potential problem when sending initialization
    strings without using the INIT string: the default content, sent
    at the dial command, deletes the previous initialization.
    Now the verbose option permits to notice this. Still misses the capability
    to have multiple INIT strings (ATZ silently discards following options)
  * added use of tone dialing when supplying only a number (corrected
    use of numeric variables in "dial" command: it accepted only strings).
  * binary moved from /usr/sbin to /usr/bin (leaving a symlink) because the
    command is usually issued by normal users in group dip.
  * forced PPP working ignoring existing IP address, it didn't work
    for me before. (this tested from Feb98 to May98 by me only)

dpkg-mountable - Enhanced access method for dselect
dpkg-mountable 0.6 -> 0.7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/admin
dpkg-mountable 0.7 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/admin
dpkg-mountable (0.7) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * This package should go into frozen, since it contains bugfixes (many
    from private email which never got as far as the bug system), and no
    (readily accessible) new code. I am also quite keen to get the
    predependency support available in case it's needed.
  * Don't give uninitialised value error if the package we failed on isn't
    defined (which appears to be the normal case).
  * Make sure we log explanatory text to the log file as well as the screen.
  * Fix the location of the autoup.sh script.
  * More detail in the root filesystem message (fixes #18597).
  * Include support for predependencies. Doesn't fix any actual submitted
    bugs (I could submit one if you like), but I consider it a bugfix, since
    otherwise dpkg-mountable would be almost unusable for upgrades from Bo
    to Hamm, where it would be very useful.
  * Disable the support for predependencies again, since I can't seem to
    get dpkg --predep-package to behave consistently. If you want to live on
    the edge, try exporting DPKG_MOUNTABLE_PREDEP_SUPPORT before running. I am
    personally happy that this is correctly disabled.
  * Upgraded standards version.
  * Fixed typo in package description (fixes #18889).

comerr-dev - The Common Error Description library - headers and static librari
e2fslibs-dev - The headers and static libraries for ext2fs-aware tools-developme
e2fsprogs  - The EXT2 file system utilities and libraries.
ss-dev     - "Sub-System" library for simple command-line interface parsing - 
comerr-dev 2.0-1.10-16 -> 2.0-1.10-17 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
comerr-dev 2.0-1.10-16 -> 2.0-1.10-17 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
e2fslibs-dev 1.10-16 -> 1.10-17 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
e2fslibs-dev 1.10-16 -> 1.10-17 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
e2fsprogs 1.10-16 -> 1.10-17 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/base
e2fsprogs 1.10-16 -> 1.10-17 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/base
ss-dev 2.0-1.10-16 -> 2.0-1.10-17 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
ss-dev 2.0-1.10-16 -> 2.0-1.10-17 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
e2fsprogs (1.10-17) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Commented out obsolete code in fsck.c that assumed fstab entries
    declared `noauto' should not be checked - successfully forwarded
    upstream (Fixes: Bug#17244).

eject      - ejects CDs and operates CD-Changers under Linux
eject 1.5-5 -> 1.5-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/misc
eject 1.5-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/misc
eject (1.5-6) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fix -u option for unmounting before ejecting. (#18234)
  * Update to standards version 2.4.1.

eperl      - Embedded Perl 5 Language
eperl 2.2.12-0.2 -> 2.2.12-2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
eperl 2.2.12-1 -> 2.2.12-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
eperl (2.2.12-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * should go to frozen as well as to unstable
  * updating /usr/lib/cgi-bin/suideperl iff exists

et         - Embedded Tcl (libc6 compile)
et 80b2-3 -> 80b2-4 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
et 80b2-3 -> 80b2-4 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
et (80b2-4) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Correctly strip et.o

et         - Embedded Tcl (libc6 compile)
et 80b2-4 -> 80b2-5 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
et 80b2-4 -> 80b2-5 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
et (80b2-5) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Really fix off-by-one error (Bug# 21132)

exim       - Exim Mailer
eximon     - X-windows monitor for the exim mail transport agent.
exim 1.92-2 -> 1.92-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/mail
exim 1.92-2 -> 1.92-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/mail
eximon 1.92-2 -> 1.92-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/mail
eximon 1.92-2 -> 1.92-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/mail
exim (1.92-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * debian/config: write config files in /etc, not . (#22387)
  * debian/config: properly comment out example rewriter (#22388)
  * debian/postrm: remove rc.d links only on purge, not remove

f2c        - A Fortran77 to C/C++ translator, plus static & shared libs.
f2c 19971204-2 -> 19971204-4 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
f2c (19971204-4) frozen; urgency=low
  * Check error code from tempfile in fc script now
    (really closing bug #19790)

fdutils    - Linux floppy utilities
fdutils 5.2pl4-2 -> 5.2pl4-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/utils
fdutils 5.2pl4-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/utils
fdutils (5.2pl4-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Removed dh_du from debian/rules.
    (Fixed Lintian error: fdutils: unknown-control-file du)
  * Revised /usr/doc/fdutils/copyright.
    (Fixed Lintian error: fdutils: copyright-refers-to-compressed-license
  * Upgraded to standards version (no changes).

festival   - Festival speech synthesis system
festival 1.2.1-7 -> 1.2.1-8 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/sound
festival (1.2.1-8) unstable; urgency=low
  * Added nas support (#22359). Disabled by default, edit /etc/festival.scm
    to enable.

fetchmail  - POP2/3, APOP, IMAP mail gatherer/forwarder
fetchmail 4.4.3-1 -> 4.4.5-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/mail
fetchmail (4.4.5-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * new upstream source

fileutils  - GNU file management utilities.
fileutils 3.16-5 -> 3.16-5.1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/base
fileutils 3.16-5.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/base
fileutils (3.16-5.1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * [po/fr.po] Fixed French translation of the "created directory" message.
    (Fixes Severity: Important #20456).
  * [.../dircolors.hin] Added linux-c, rxvt and screen to the list of
    terminal types that support colour. (Fixes #22177).
  * [man/install.1] Added documentation for "-p". (Fixes #21926).
  * [src/install.c] On ELF systems, strip the .comment and .note sections
    (Fixes #20967).
  * [lib/mountlist.c] On Sparc don't declare strstr(), as that's a macro
    in glibc2.1 which Sparc uses. (Fixes #15770).
  * Clean up the ".gmo" files, as they are binary files that can be changed
    by a buidl, thus prevent dpkg-source -b from working afterwards.

fileutils  - GNU file management utilities.
fileutils 3.16-5.1 -> 3.16-5.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/base
fileutils 3.16-5.1 -> 3.16-5.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/base
fileutils (3.16-5.2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * *sigh* dircolors.h wasn't properly regenerated; it is now. (Really fixes
    #22177). configure --enable-maintainer-mode for this.

frotz      - Interpreter of Z-code story-files
frotz 2.32r2-9 -> 2.32r2-10 into dists/hamm/non-free/binary-i386/games
frotz 2.32r2-9 -> 2.32r2-10 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/games
frotz (2.32r2-10) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * By default, saved games now go into ~/.infocom with extension
    ".frotz".  (Fixes:bug#21054)

fvwm95     - Win95 lookalike Window Manager for X
fvwm95 2.0.43b-4 -> 2.0.43b-5 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
fvwm95 (2.0.43b-5) frozen; urgency=low
  * Fixed extraneous newline in postinst (closes #21538)
  * Added Replaces: header due to pixmap overlaps with bo afterstep

fweb       - A literate-programming tool for C/C++/Fortran/Ratfor
fweb 1.60beta-10 -> 1.60beta-11 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
fweb 1.60beta-10 -> 1.60beta-11 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
fweb (1.60beta-11) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed typo in prerm (Fixes: Bug#22248).
  * Passed lintian 0.4.2.

gfont      - Create GIF image rendered with TeX-available Font
gfont 1.0.2-3 -> 1.0.2-4 into dists/hamm/non-free/binary-i386/graphics
gfont 1.0.2-4 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/graphics
gfont (1.0.2-4) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Removed dh_du from debian/rules.
    (Fixed Lintian error: unknown-control-file du)
  * Upgraded to standards version (no changes).
  * Changed the shebang (?) in gfont_mkgdf_all to #!/usr/bin/perl
    (Fixed Lintian error: wrong-path-for-perl
     usr/lib/gfont/exec/gfont_mkgdf_all #!/sw/bin/perl)

gnats      - The GNU problem report management system (central database)
gnats-tk   - Tk interface to the GNU problem report management system
gnats-user - The GNU problem report management system (client tools)
gnats-tk 3.104-4 -> 3.104-5 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/devel
gnats-tk 3.104-4 -> 3.104-5 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
gnats-user 3.104-4 -> 3.104-5 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
gnats-user 3.104-4 -> 3.104-5 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
gnats 3.104-4 -> 3.104-5 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
gnats 3.104-4 -> 3.104-5 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
gnats (3.104-5) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Include /usr/lib/gnats in path instead of GNATS_ROOT/gnats-bin (Bug#21636)
  * Now depend on 'wish' instead of tk42 (Bug#21490)
  * Move tkgnats man page from /usr/share to /usr (Bug#21029)
  * Corrected gnats user setting (Bug#21030)

gs-aladdin - Postscript interpreter with X11 and svgalib preview support.
gs-aladdin 5.10-7 -> 5.10-8 into dists/hamm/non-free/binary-i386/text
gs-aladdin 5.10-7 -> 5.10-8 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/text
gs-aladdin (5.10-8) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * Solved COPYRIGHT problem that was present in the
    previous version: GPL files have been removed from the
    binary distribution, since GPL is not compatible with the
    Aladdin license.
  * Upgreded the hpdj driver to version 2.4.
  * Fixed bug in file gdevnfwd.c (as suggested by L.P.Deutsch).

gsn-curses - Curses, An Interactive Diversion by Graham Nelson
gsn-curses 16-4 -> 16-5 into dists/hamm/non-free/binary-all/games
gsn-curses 16-5 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-all/games
gsn-curses (16-5) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Add an empty prerm script to fix problems upgrading.

gsn-jigsaw - Jigsaw, An Interactive History by Graham Nelson
gsn-jigsaw 3-5 -> 3-6 into dists/hamm/non-free/binary-all/games
gsn-jigsaw 3-5 -> 3-6 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-all/games
gsn-jigsaw (3-6) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Add an empty prerm script to fix problems upgrading.

gumshoe    - Gumshoe, An Interactive Investigation by Mike Oliphant
gumshoe 1-5 -> 1-6 into dists/hamm/non-free/binary-all/games
gumshoe 1-5 -> 1-6 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-all/games
gumshoe (1-6) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Add an empty prerm script to fix problems upgrading.

im         - Internet Message
im 90-2 -> 91-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/mail
im 90-2 -> 91-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/mail
im (91-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * New Beta release version.
  * Changes im-90 to im-91.
    - RcvBufSiz is now customizable.
    - Many timeout values are now customizable.
    - imtar.
    - A patch to make imsetup incorporated with IMAPAccount.
    - Fcc bug fix.
    - DB bug fix.
    - list:; bug fix.
  * Added undocumented manpage: imtar.1
  * Update standards-versoin to

int-fiction - Support files for interactive fiction interpreters
int-fiction 0.2 -> 0.3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/games
int-fiction (0.3) frozen; urgency=low
  * Make sensible-zcode-interpreter make a more sensible choice.

ircd       - Undernet IRC Server
ircd 2.10.03-6 -> 2.10.03-7 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/net
ircd (2.10.03-7) unstable; urgency=low
  * Updated to .dead.whox.dead1-2.oprem.whox1-2.zombie.
  * Added moderated channel feature suggested by Teknix and lilo
    for the IRC forum with Eric S. Raymond (joins and parts are not seen,
    nick changes are restricted).
  * Fixed bug in services patch where chanops were not always accorded
    chanop privileges.
  * Activated beta version of -DWEB_INTERFACE

bitchx     - Advanced Internet Relay Chat client
bitchx 0.74p2-7 -> 74p4-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/net
bitchx 0.74p4-1 -> 74p4-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/net
ircii-pana (74p4-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed version number of package: its 74, not 0.74.
  * Copyright file now contains an actual copyright, thanks to the
    watchful eye of James Troup.
  * Fixed eight-bit cleanliness problem caused by EMACS_KEYBINDS (#20105).
  * Fixed l33t version reply broken in 0.74p4-1.

iselect    - Interactive Selection Tool
iselect 1.0.4-2 -> 1.0.4-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/utils
iselect 1.0.4-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/utils
iselect (1.0.4-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * debian/rules
     - Removed dh_du.  (Fixed Lintian error: unknown-control-file du)
     - Added a hack so that the example perl scripts are not compressed.
       (Fixed Lintian warnings:
        executable-not-elf-or-script usr/doc/iselect/examples/mtin/mtin.gz
        executable-not-elf-or-script usr/doc/iselect/examples/scvs/scvs.gz)
  * Upgraded to standards version (no changes).

jadetex    - LaTeX macros for SGML to DVI/PS conversion with Jade
jadetex 0.61-1 -> 0.61-1.1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/tex
jadetex 0.61-1.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/tex
jadetex (0.61-1.1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Non-maintainer release
  * debian/control: starting with tetex-extra 0.9-5, hyperref is obsolete,
    so we shouldn't depend on both.  Used the rather complex depends
    provided by Anthony Fok <foka@debian.org> (closes Bug#21110,
    Bug#21885, Bug#22455)
  * debian/postinst:  rather than hardcode the path of tempfile, use
    'command -v' to check for it (it was testing for /usr/bin/tempfile,
    which seems to be in /bin now)
  * strip off prepended !! from "kpsetool -v '$VAR'" (not sure if that's
    actually the right thing to do, but the way it was was definately

kbd        - Linux console font and keytable utilities.
kbd 0.95-14 -> 0.96-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/base
kbd (0.96-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version:
  ** New keymaps hierarchy
  ** New keymaps for modularization
  ** Compressed fonts
  ** iso-8859-9 handling
  ** new option -a to showkey
  * Misc debian/rules improvements.
  * Changed kbdconfig to use the new keymap hierarchy - added
    .toplevel and .desc files in hierarchy for use by kbdconfig.
  * Made preinst script rename /usr/local/share/keytables/ to keymaps/
    if it exists.
  * Updated Standard-Version to 2.4.1 (no particular changes).

kbd        - Linux console font and keytable utilities.
kbd 0.96-1 -> 0.96-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/base
kbd (0.96-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Oops, forgot to (un)comment debugging lines in kbdconfig, which
    broke when installed.

kernel-package - Debian Linux kernel package build scripts.
kernel-package 4.08 -> 4.10 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/misc
kernel-package (4.10) unstable; urgency=low
  * Only put libc-kheaders in the control file is asked. I think this is
    better in the long run than the solution suggested in Bug#22295.
    closes: Bug#22295

kernel-package - Debian Linux kernel package build scripts.
kernel-package 4.08 -> 4.11 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/misc
kernel-package 4.10 -> 4.11 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/misc
kernel-package (4.11) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Clarified the rootcommand usage in the error message when make-kpkg
    thinks that the rootcmd options has been invoked in vain.
  * This should also go into frozen.

kernel-doc-2.0.33 - Linux kernel specific documentation.
kernel-headers-2.0.33 - Header files related to a specific Linux kernel.
kernel-image-2.0.33 - Linux kernel binary image.
kernel-source-2.0.33 - Linux kernel source.
kernel-doc-2.0.33 2.0.33-8 -> 2.0.33-9 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/doc
kernel-doc-2.0.33 2.0.33-8 -> 2.0.33-9 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/doc
kernel-headers-2.0.33 2.0.33-8 -> 2.0.33-9 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
kernel-headers-2.0.33 2.0.33-8 -> 2.0.33-9 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
kernel-image-2.0.33 2.0.33-8 -> 2.0.33-9 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/base
kernel-image-2.0.33 2.0.33-8 -> 2.0.33-9 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/base
kernel-source-2.0.33 2.0.33-8 -> 2.0.33-9 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/devel
kernel-source-2.0.33 2.0.33-8 -> 2.0.33-9 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
kernel-source-2.0.33 (2.0.33-9) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Disabled certain MCA NIC drivers (fixes #22254).

kpppload   - Xload for PPP connections, with transfer rates and totals.
kpppload 1.01-4 -> 1.01-5 into dists/hamm/contrib/binary-i386/net
kpppload 1.01-4 -> 1.01-5 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-i386/net
kpppload (1.01-5) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * recompile with latest kdelibs to fix dependency (closes 21671)

lapack-doc - a comprehensive set of linear algebra routines - Documentation.
lapack-doc 2.0.1-2 -> 2.0.1-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/devel
lapack-doc 2.0.1-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
lapack-doc (2.0.1-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed file permissions.
  * Updated standards version.
  * Converted to use debhelper

lapack     - a comprehensive set of linear algebra routines - Run-time Package
lapack-dev - a comprehensive set of linear algebra routines - Devel. Package.
lapack-dev 2.0.1-2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
lapack-dev 2.0.1-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
lapack 2.0.1-1 -> 2.0.1-2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/libs
lapack 2.0.1-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/libs
lapack (2.0.1-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Non maintainer release
  * Recompiled for libc6 (Fixes #21487). Used g77-2.90.28 (egcs-1.0.3).
  * Fixed some open bugs (Fixes #13701, #16538, #16661, #17120).
  * Already fixed: #8986: #8993.
  * Updated standards version.
  * Converted to use debhelper

le         - Text Editor with block and binary operations
le 1.4.2-1 -> 1.4.2-1.1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/editors
le 1.4.2-1.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/editors
le (1.4.2-1.1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * Rebuilt with new ncurses (with fixed CXX_TYPE_BOOL).
  * Can't reproduce core dump on startup reported in #20974.

less       - A file pager program, similar to more(1)
less 332-3 -> 332-4 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/text
less 332-3 -> 332-4 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/text
less (332-4) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * Actually fix arj entry.  I'm not sure how the fix got reverted to the
    old entry.
  * Put '' around [:upper:] and [:lower:] in tr call to protect them from
    the shell.  Thanks to Alexey Marinichev <lyosha@math.uu.se>.  (Fixes
    Bug #22311)
  * I wasn't paying attention and thought that tempfile just gave me a
    filename rather than creating a file.  This of course doesn't work.
    Now we only create the file when we need to.  Thanks to Roberto
    Lumbreras <rover@lander.es> for pointing this out.  (Fixes Bug #22320)
  * Updated standards version to  Our one non-compliance was
    insecure tempfiles.

lesstif    - libc5 backward compatibility lesstif libraries.
lesstif-altdbg - Libc5 compatibility static LessTif library for debugging.
lesstif-altdev - Libc5 compatibility LessTif development library and headers.
lesstif-bin - User binaries for LessTif.
lesstifg   - OSF/Motif implementation released under LGPL.
lesstifg-dbg - Static library with debugging symbols for LessTif.
lesstifg-dev - Development library and header files for LessTif.
lesstif-altdbg 0.83-7 -> 0.83-current-19980509-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/oldlibs
lesstif-altdev 0.83-7 -> 0.83-current-19980509-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/oldlibs
lesstif-bin 0.83-7 -> 0.83-current-19980509-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
lesstif 0.83-7 -> 0.83-current-19980509-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/oldlibs
lesstifg-dbg 0.83-7 -> 0.83-current-19980509-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
lesstifg-dev 0.83-7 -> 0.83-current-19980509-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
lesstifg 0.83-7 -> 0.83-current-19980509-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/libs
lesstif (1:0.83-current-19980509-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New maintainer.
  * New upstream source ("current" from May 9, 1998).
  * (debian/rules) Remove all HTML'd manpages, we install the real ones anyway.
  * (NOTES) Dropped patch that corrects Ray Dassen's name (fixed upstream)
  * (configure.in) Dropped patch to override enable_static (fixed upstream)
  * (configure.in) Dropped libtool-is-a-fool patch from configure.in,
    inserted it in debian/rules instead.  This keeps the Debian diffs
    small and tidy, since autoconf does not have to be re-run.
  * (clients/Motif-1.2/mwm/mwmparse.y) kept patch to look in /etc/X11/mwm
    rather than XLIB_PATH.  Extended it to cover the next use of XLIB_PATH
    as well.  This is now the only patch outside the debian/ directory.
  * (debian/mwm.man, debian/mwmrc.man)  Upstream source now includes these
    manpages, so delete them from the debian dir.
  * (debian/rules, debian/system.mwmrc.man)  This manpage was only a .so
    reference; install it as a symbolic link instead.  And correct the
    spelling of the filename :)  (was sytem.mwmrc.5x)

lg-base    - Shared files for the Linux Gazette.
lg-base 27-1 -> 28-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/doc
lg-base 27-1 -> 28-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/doc
lg-base (28-1) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * new upstream release

lg-issue27 - Issue 27 of the Linux Gazette.
lg-issue27 1-1 -> 2-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/doc
lg-issue27 1-1 -> 2-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/doc
lg-issue27 (2-1) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * new upstream source - removes 2.5MB tar.gz file

libforms-doc - Documentation for the XForms graphical interface library
libforms-doc 0.88-1 -> 0.88-2 into dists/hamm/non-free/binary-all/doc
libforms-doc 0.88-2 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-all/doc
libforms-doc (0.88-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Now Replaces: xforms0 to solve overlap between bo's xforms0 and
    hamm's libforms-doc.

libforms-bin - Support binaries for the XForms widget library
libforms-dev - Header files and static libraries for the XForms widget library
libforms0.88 - The XForms graphical interface widget library
libforms-bin 0.88.1-1 -> 0.88.1-2 into dists/hamm/non-free/binary-i386/devel
libforms-bin 0.88.1-2 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/devel
libforms-dev 0.88.1-1 -> 0.88.1-2 into dists/hamm/non-free/binary-i386/devel
libforms-dev 0.88.1-2 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/devel
libforms0.88 0.88.1-1 -> 0.88.1-2 into dists/hamm/non-free/binary-i386/libs
libforms0.88 0.88.1-2 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/libs
libforms0.88 (0.88.1-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Resolved file overlap between bo's xforms-dev and hamm's libforms-bin
    with a Replaces:.

libg++27   - The GNU C++ libraries (ELF version).
libg++27-altdev - The GNU C++ libraries (ELF version).
libg++27-altdev -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/oldlibs
libg++27-altdev -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/oldlibs
libg++27 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/oldlibs
libg++27 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/oldlibs
libg++27 ( frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Removed libg++27 Conflicts: libg++ to prepare the way for the
    forthcoming libg++2.8(-dev) for use with egcs g++.

liblockdev0-perl - perl extension library for locking devices.
liblockdev0g - Run-time shared library (libc6) for locking devices.
liblockdev0g-dbg - Debugging library (libc6) for locking devices.
liblockdev0g-dev - Development library (libc6) for locking devices.
liblockdev0-perl 0.8 -> 0.9 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/interpreters
liblockdev0-perl 0.9 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/interpreters
liblockdev0g-dbg 0.8 -> 0.9 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
liblockdev0g-dbg 0.9 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
liblockdev0g-dev 0.8 -> 0.9 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
liblockdev0g-dev 0.9 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
liblockdev0g 0.8 -> 0.9 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/libs
liblockdev0g 0.9 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/libs
liblockdev (0.9) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * cleaned symlinks in docs dirs.
  * changed libs symlinks from /usr/lib to /lib
  * stripped main shared library.
  * Corrected wrong shlibs dependency (thanx to Hamish Moffatt,
    closes: #22282).
  * Changed dependency of -dev from libc6 to libc6-dev,
    thanx to James Troup (closes: #16476).
  * Added -I.. in Makefile.PL to allow compilation of the perl part even
    when the -dev package isn't installed (thanx to Martin Schulze for
    the patch) closes: #15834

lintian    - Debian package checker
lintian 0.4.3 -> 0.4.4 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
lintian (0.4.4) unstable; urgency=low
  * (checks/scripts) Suppress script-not-executable warnings for files
    in /usr/lib that match *.pm.  These are perl modules, which often
    have a #!/usr/bin/perl line at the top but are not intended to be
    executed directly.
  * (info/override) Removed now-suppressed warnings from the overrides file.
  * (info/override) Added more overrides.  (closes #21028).
  * (checks/scripts) At Oliver Elphick's suggestion, do not emit
    *-script-but-no-*-dep tags or csh-considered-harmful tags for
    scripts that are not executable.  (These already produce a
    script-not-executable warning).
  * (checks/binaries) At Yann Dirson's suggestion, added a tag for
    stripped binaries that still have the .comment and .note sections.
    This tag is info-level, thus not normally displayed.
    dh_strip and install -s have been patched to strip these sections,
    but most of the distribution has not been recompiled with the patched
  * (checks/binaries.desc) Described the new tag.
    (closes #22495).
  * (man/lintian.1) Documented the options that were added in lintian 0.4.3.
  * (checks/fields) Produce informational tags no-section-field and
    no-priority-field.  These were removed in a previous version, because
    nearly all packages do not pass -isp to dpkg-gencontrol when building
    packages, but the new handling of info-level tags makes them useful again.

lprng-doc  - lpr/lpd printer spooling system
lprng-doc 3.4.1-1 -> 3.4.1-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/net
lprng-doc 3.4.1-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/net
lprng-doc (3.4.1-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * debian/control: changed Conflicts: lprng (< 3.4.1) to
		Replaces: lprng (<< 3.4.1)

lprng      - lpr/lpd printer spooling system
lprng 3.4.2-3 -> 3.4.2-4 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/net
lprng 3.4.2-3 -> 3.4.2-4 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/net
lprng (3.4.2-4) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * debian/control: added Conflicts: apsfilter (<<4.9.1-10)

m-tx       - A simple music-from-text language for use with MusiXTeX
m-tx 0.30a-2 -> 0.30a-3 into dists/hamm/contrib/binary-i386/tex
m-tx 0.30a-3 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-i386/tex
m-tx (0.30a-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * debian/rules:
     - m-tx now also depends on tetex-base (>= 0.9-5)
       and conflicts with tetex-base (<< 0.9).
     - Removed dh_du.  (Fixed Lintian error: unknown-control-file du)
  * Modified postinst and postrm to work with teTeX 0.9 / Web2C 7.2.
  * debian/control: Upgraded to standards version (no changes).

mew        - Messaging in the Emacs World
mew 1.93b28-1 -> 1.93b32-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/mail
mew 1.93b28-1 -> 1.93b32-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/mail
mew (1.93b32-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * New Beta Release version.
  * Changes mew 1.93b31 to 1.93b32:
    - mew-draft-make-mime -> mew-draft-make-message.
    - The old IM Config variables were cleaned up. The new variables are:
      If you want the old feature of mew-config, set
        (setq mew-config-guess-alist '((nil . value))).
    - Set mark the original position when Config: is inserted.
    - C-uC-cC-c preserves a multi-part draft and doesn't remove the files
      under +draft/mime for undo.
    - Added "install-info" to Makefile
    - Ah-hoc Emacs 20.2.9x support.

mew        - Messaging in the Emacs World
mew 1.93b32-1 -> 1.93b33-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/mail
mew 1.93b32-1 -> 1.93b33-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/mail
mew (1.93b33-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * New Beta Release version.
  * Changes mew 1.93b32 to 1.93b33:
    - C-cC-f tries fetching a public key with the From: field unless the X-Mew:
      field exists.
    - Logic change for CD: and CDP:
        The default value is decided as follows:
         (1) If its value exists, use it.
         (2) If not exist, use its file name.
         (3) If its file name does not exist, use "".
    - Some fixes for mew-draft-prepare-attachments.
    - Specified "=" in addition to "+" for folder completion.
    - Updated menubars and mode descriptions.
    - Brushed up PGP key fetch.
    - Fixed range of sort-region.
    - Brush up the message when attachments were deleted.
    - The window of completion candidates scrolls up when TAB is typed
    - Small fixes for Makefile.

mh         - Rand mail handling system.
mh-papers  - Documentation for the Rand mail handling system.
mh-papers 6.8.4-23 -> 6.8.4-24 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/mail
mh-papers 6.8.4-23 -> 6.8.4-24 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/mail
mh 6.8.4-23 -> 6.8.4-24 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/mail
mh 6.8.4-23 -> 6.8.4-24 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/mail
mh (6.8.4-24) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * uip/scansbr.c: patch from Peter Maydell <pm215@cam.ac.uk> to notice
    during 'inc' when our disk is full (closes Bug#7870)
  * uip/inc.c: patch from Peter Maydell <pm215@cam.ac.uk> fixes the
    lockfile handling so that lockfiles are always removed in
    error-and-exit situations.  Also, tidy up some of the privilege
    handling code so that it's more obvious that we're not misusing the
    setgid mail privilege.
  * zotnet/mts/lock.c: enable 'options LIBLOCKFILE', which is enabled in
    conf/MH-lib6, which adds liblockfile support for policy-compliant mail
    spool file locking.  In conf/config/mtstailor we set lockstyle to 0 to
    allow this new support to work.  Many thanks again to Peter Maydell
    <pm215@cam.ac.uk> for the patch. (closes Bug#20753)
  * sbr/m_getfld.c: yet another patch from Peter to deal with end-of-file
    in the middle of a field, i.e., without an end-of-line, in
    ~/.mh_profile (closes Bug#6027, Bug#6029)
  * README.Debian: for proper LOCALE support, we need to set LC_CTYPE as a
    locale, not LC_TYPE as a charset (documentation fix)
  * applied FreeBSD 'patch-ag', which helps us ignore mail files not
    ending in digits, like '1~' (closes Bug#22128)
  * debian/control: priority set to match what is reality in hamm (in
    slink, nmh may become standard and mh would be demoted to extra,
    although this is yet to be seen)
  * debian/rules: move some removals from clean to build target, since I
    don't like removing files from the upstream source in the clean
    target since it causes 'dpkg-source: warning: ignoring deletion of
    file' messages
  * debian/control: regularize package description
  * include READ-ME, FAQ, and CHANGES from upstream in /usr/doc/mh
  * standard compliance raised to 2.4.1 (copyright file needed some work)

mime-support - MIME files 'mime.types' & 'mailcap', and support programs
mime-support 2.16-1 -> 2.17-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/net
mime-support 2.16-1 -> 2.17-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/net
mime-support (2.17-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * added new mime.types for .bz2, .hqx, & .sit

musixlyr   - a MusiXTeX extension for handling lyrics
musixlyr 1.02a-1 -> 1.02a-2 into dists/hamm/contrib/binary-all/tex
musixlyr 1.02a-2 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-all/tex
musixlyr (1.02a-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * debian/rules: Removed dh_du and miscellaneous clean up.
    (Fixed Lintian error: unknown-control-file du)
  * Upgraded to standards version (no changes).
  * Corrected embarrassing spelling errors in copyright and
    the package description.  :-)
    (Fixed Lintian errors: spelling-error-in-copyright extention extension
     and spelling-error-in-description extention extension)
  * Fixed Lintian error: copyright-refers-to-compressed-license

mysql-base - mysql database client binaries
mysql-bench - mysql database benchmarks
mysql-dev  - mysql database development lib
mysql-doc  - mysql database documentation
mysql-server - mysql database server
mysql-base 3.21.29gamma-1 -> 3.21.30-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/devel
mysql-bench 3.21.29gamma-1 -> 3.21.30-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/devel
mysql-dev 3.21.29gamma-1 -> 3.21.30-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/devel
mysql-doc 3.21.29gamma-1 -> 3.21.30-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/devel
mysql-server 3.21.29gamma-1 -> 3.21.30-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/devel
mysql (3.21.30-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Stable upstream release

ncpfs      - Utilities to use resources from NetWare servers.
ncpfs 2.2.0-1 -> 2.2.0-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/net
ncpfs (2.2.0-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Recompiled to fix wrong dependencies (it was depending on itself).

ncurses-base - Video terminal manipulation - Minimum terminal emulations
ncurses-bin - Video terminal manipulation - associated programs and man pages
ncurses-term - Video terminal manipulation - additional terminal files
ncurses3.4 - Video terminal manipulation - shared libraries
ncurses3.4-dbg - Video terminal manipulation - Debugging/profiling libraries.
ncurses3.4-dev - Video terminal manipulation - Developer's libraries and docs.
ncurses3.4-pic - Video terminal manipulation - Shared-library subset kit.
ncurses-base 1.9.9g-8 -> 1.9.9g-8.1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/base
ncurses-base 1.9.9g-8.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/base
ncurses-bin 1.9.9g-8 -> 1.9.9g-8.1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/base
ncurses-bin 1.9.9g-8.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/base
ncurses-term 1.9.9g-8 -> 1.9.9g-8.1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/admin
ncurses-term 1.9.9g-8.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/admin
ncurses3.4-dbg 1.9.9g-8 -> 1.9.9g-8.1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
ncurses3.4-dbg 1.9.9g-8.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
ncurses3.4-dev 1.9.9g-8 -> 1.9.9g-8.1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
ncurses3.4-dev 1.9.9g-8.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
ncurses3.4-pic 1.9.9g-8 -> 1.9.9g-8.1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
ncurses3.4-pic 1.9.9g-8.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
ncurses3.4 1.9.9g-8 -> 1.9.9g-8.1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/base
ncurses3.4 1.9.9g-8.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/base
ncurses (1.9.9g-8.1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * Added a new xterm terminfo entry: kbs changed from ^H to \177
    and kdch1 from \177 to \E[3~ (per policy) (addresses part of #21914).
  * Make /usr/lib/libn?curses.so absolute rather than symbolic links
    (as per policy) (fixes #21913).
  * aclocal.m4: Invoke gzip with '-9'.
  * Generated "configure" with up to date autoconf; the old configure needed
    libg++-dev (the test for handling of type bool used <builtin.h>). Thus,
    "bool" is properly detected (fixes #20534, #17763).
  * Updated shlibs to >= this version, just in case the bool issue affects
  * Fixed some file/directory permissions.

ncurses-base - Video terminal manipulation - Minimum terminal emulations
ncurses-bin - Video terminal manipulation - associated programs and man pages
ncurses-term - Video terminal manipulation - additional terminal files
ncurses3.4 - Video terminal manipulation - shared libraries
ncurses3.4-dbg - Video terminal manipulation - Debugging/profiling libraries.
ncurses3.4-dev - Video terminal manipulation - Developer's libraries and docs.
ncurses3.4-pic - Video terminal manipulation - Shared-library subset kit.
ncurses-base 1.9.9g-8.1 -> 1.9.9g-8.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/base
ncurses-base 1.9.9g-8.1 -> 1.9.9g-8.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/base
ncurses-bin 1.9.9g-8.1 -> 1.9.9g-8.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/base
ncurses-bin 1.9.9g-8.1 -> 1.9.9g-8.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/base
ncurses-term 1.9.9g-8.1 -> 1.9.9g-8.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/admin
ncurses-term 1.9.9g-8.1 -> 1.9.9g-8.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/admin
ncurses3.4-dbg 1.9.9g-8.1 -> 1.9.9g-8.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
ncurses3.4-dbg 1.9.9g-8.1 -> 1.9.9g-8.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
ncurses3.4-dev 1.9.9g-8.1 -> 1.9.9g-8.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
ncurses3.4-dev 1.9.9g-8.1 -> 1.9.9g-8.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
ncurses3.4-pic 1.9.9g-8.1 -> 1.9.9g-8.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
ncurses3.4-pic 1.9.9g-8.1 -> 1.9.9g-8.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
ncurses3.4 1.9.9g-8.1 -> 1.9.9g-8.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/base
ncurses3.4 1.9.9g-8.1 -> 1.9.9g-8.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/base
ncurses (1.9.9g-8.2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * Fixes the overlap between hamm/ncurses3.4-dbg 1.9.9g-8 and
    bo/ncurses3.0-dev 1.9.9e-1 (usr/lib/lib{form,menu,ncurses,panel}_g.a)
    which Richard Braakman reported on debian-devel; used "Replaces:"
    rather than "Conflicts:" (there is an implicit conflict already).

netbase    - Basic TCP/IP networking binaries
netbase 3.06-1 -> 3.07-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/net
netbase 3.06-1 -> 3.07-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/net
netbase (3.07-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * added "Suggests: cpp" (rpcgen)
  * net-tools: replaced by net-tools-1.45, fixes: Bug#21520, Bug#21512
  * /etc/services: fixed postgres entry

netscape4  - Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (installer)
netscape4 4.0-10 -> 4.0-11 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-i386/web
netscape4 4.0-10 -> 4.0-11 into dists/hamm/contrib/binary-i386/web
netscape4 (4.0-11) frozen-contrib contrib; urgency=low
  * Unset GZIP env var when calling ns-install (Bug#22447)
  * Remove any created "/usr/lib/netscape/.netscape" stuff
  * Try to be sure that linked files get removed

nmh        - A set of electronic mail handling programs.
nmh 0.24-4 -> 0.24-5 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/mail
nmh (0.24-5) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Changed metamail dependency from Suggests to Recommends (closes: #21715).
  * Updated package description to match MH's description.
  * Added Replaces: mh.
  * Lintian-clean.

nvi        - 4.4BSD re-implementation of vi.
nvi 1.79-3 -> 1.79-5 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/editors
nvi 1.79-4 -> 1.79-5 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/editors
nvi (1.79-5) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed removal of editor alternative in prerm (reported by Dale Scheetz)

ecpg       - Embedded SQL for PostgreSQL
libpgperl  - Perl modules for PostgreSQL.
libpgsql   - Shared library for PostgreSQL
libpgtcl   - Tcl/Tk library and front-end for PostgreSQL.
postgresql - Object-relational SQL database, descended from POSTGRES.
postgresql-dev - Header files for libpq (postgresql library)
postgresql-doc - Documentation for the PostgreSQL database.
ecpg 6.3.2-5 -> 6.3.2-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/libs
libpgperl 6.3.2-5 -> 6.3.2-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/misc
libpgsql 6.3.2-5 -> 6.3.2-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/misc
libpgtcl 6.3.2-5 -> 6.3.2-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/misc
postgresql-dev 6.3.2-5 -> 6.3.2-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/misc
postgresql-doc 6.3.2-5 -> 6.3.2-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/misc
postgresql 6.3.2-5 -> 6.3.2-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/misc
postgresql (6.3.2-6) unstable; urgency=low
  * Added a section to postrm to ask, on purging, if the database files
    themselves should be deleted. Re bug#22263.
  * Modified the installation scripts to cope with the possibility of a
    pre-existing database from an old version, with the old package
    purged. Fixes bug#22263.
  * Added explicit setting of PGPORT to pg_wrapper, because the default
    wasn't working for one person (reason unknown). Fixes bug#22144
  * Changed invalid link in /usr/doc/postgresql-doc/index.html. (Thanks
    to gpp10@cam.ac.uk.)
  * Changes to README files in libpgsql and postgresql-dev. Fixes bug#22212.

ecpg       - Embedded SQL for PostgreSQL
libpgperl  - Perl modules for PostgreSQL.
libpgsql   - Shared library for PostgreSQL
libpgtcl   - Tcl/Tk library and front-end for PostgreSQL.
postgresql - Object-relational SQL database, descended from POSTGRES.
postgresql-dev - Header files for libpq (postgresql library)
postgresql-doc - Documentation for the PostgreSQL database.
ecpg 6.3.2-5 -> 6.3.2-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/libs
libpgperl 6.3.2-5 -> 6.3.2-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/misc
libpgsql 6.3.2-5 -> 6.3.2-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/misc
libpgtcl 6.3.2-5 -> 6.3.2-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/misc
postgresql-dev 6.3.2-5 -> 6.3.2-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/misc
postgresql-doc 6.3.2-5 -> 6.3.2-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/misc
postgresql 6.3.2-5 -> 6.3.2-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/misc
postgresql (6.3.2-7) frozen; urgency=low
  * All these changes were in 6.3.2-6, which was released to unstable
  * Added a section to postrm to ask, on purging, if the database files
    themselves should be deleted. Re bug#22263.
  * Modified the installation scripts to cope with the possibility of a
    pre-existing database from an old version, with the old package
    purged. Fixes bug#22263.
  * Added explicit setting of PGPORT to pg_wrapper, because the default
    wasn't working for one person (reason unknown). Fixes bug#22144
  * Changed invalid link in /usr/doc/postgresql-doc/index.html. (Thanks
    to gpp10@cam.ac.uk.)
  * Changes to README files in libpgsql and postgresql-dev. Fixes bug#22212.

ecpg       - Embedded SQL for PostgreSQL
libpgperl  - Perl modules for PostgreSQL.
libpgsql   - Shared library for PostgreSQL
libpgtcl   - Tcl/Tk library and front-end for PostgreSQL.
postgresql - Object-relational SQL database, descended from POSTGRES.
postgresql-dev - Header files for libpq (postgresql library)
postgresql-doc - Documentation for the PostgreSQL database.
ecpg 6.3.2-7 -> 6.3.2-8 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/libs
ecpg 6.3.2-6 -> 6.3.2-8 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/libs
libpgperl 6.3.2-7 -> 6.3.2-8 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/misc
libpgperl 6.3.2-6 -> 6.3.2-8 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/misc
libpgsql 6.3.2-7 -> 6.3.2-8 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/misc
libpgsql 6.3.2-6 -> 6.3.2-8 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/misc
libpgtcl 6.3.2-7 -> 6.3.2-8 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/misc
libpgtcl 6.3.2-6 -> 6.3.2-8 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/misc
postgresql-dev 6.3.2-7 -> 6.3.2-8 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/misc
postgresql-dev 6.3.2-6 -> 6.3.2-8 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/misc
postgresql-doc 6.3.2-7 -> 6.3.2-8 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/misc
postgresql-doc 6.3.2-6 -> 6.3.2-8 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/misc
postgresql 6.3.2-7 -> 6.3.2-8 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/misc
postgresql 6.3.2-6 -> 6.3.2-8 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/misc
postgresql (6.3.2-8) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Added versioned dependency on debianutils (which provides mktemp).
    Fixes bug #22436.

ppp        - Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) daemon.
ppp-pam    - Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) daemon with PAM support.
ppp-pam 2.3.3-5 -> 2.3.5-0.1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/net
ppp-pam 2.3.5-0.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/net
ppp 2.3.3-5 -> 2.3.5-0.1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/net
ppp 2.3.5-0.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/net
ppp (2.3.5-0.1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream bugfix release.
  * Non-maintainer release.

python-extclass - Improves integration between Python and C++ classes
python-extclass 1.0.2-2 -> 1.0.2-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-extclass 1.0.2-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-extclass (1.0.2-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Really reflect maintainer change in debian/control.
  * Added support for doc-base, removed direct support for
    dhelp and dwww.
  * Converted rules to use debhelper.
  * Moved shared objects to /usr/lib/python1.5/site-packages
    as requested in www.python.org/doc/essays/packages.html.

python-base - An interactive object-oriented scripting language.
python-bsddb - BSD database support module for Python.
python-curses - Curses support libraries for Python.
python-dev - Header files and a static library for Python.
python-elisp - Emacs-lisp python-mode for the scripting language Python.
python-examples - Examples for the scripting language Python.
python-gdbm - GDBM database support for Python (obsolete).
python-misc - Miscellaneous support modules for Python.
python-mpz - Multiple-precision arithmetic support for Python.
python-net - TCP/IP and various Internet support modules for Python.
python-regrtest - Regression test for the python distribution.
python-stdwin - Stdwin support for Python (obsolete).
python-tk  - Tk support module for Python (Tkinter).
python-zlib - A compression module for Python using zlib.
python-base 1.5-1 -> 1.5.1-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-base 1.5.1-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-bsddb 1.5-1 -> 1.5.1-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-bsddb 1.5.1-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-curses 1.5-1 -> 1.5.1-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-curses 1.5.1-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-dev 1.5-1 -> 1.5.1-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-dev 1.5.1-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-elisp 1.5-1 -> 1.5.1-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/interpreters
python-elisp 1.5.1-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/interpreters
python-examples 1.5-1 -> 1.5.1-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/interpreters
python-examples 1.5.1-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/interpreters
python-gdbm 1.5-1 -> 1.5.1-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-gdbm 1.5.1-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-misc 1.5-1 -> 1.5.1-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-misc 1.5.1-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-mpz 1.5-1 -> 1.5.1-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-mpz 1.5.1-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-net 1.5-1 -> 1.5.1-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-net 1.5.1-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-regrtest 1.5-1 -> 1.5.1-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/interpreters
python-regrtest 1.5.1-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/interpreters
python-stdwin 1.5-1 -> 1.5.1-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/interpreters
python-stdwin 1.5.1-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/interpreters
python-tk 1.5-1 -> 1.5.1-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-tk 1.5.1-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-zlib 1.5-1 -> 1.5.1-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python-zlib 1.5.1-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/interpreters
python (1.5.1-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release incorporating all bug fixes applied to 1.5-1,
    applied all official bug fixes for 1.5.1 as of 05/14/98
    (Closes Bug#22319 and Bug#20688).
  * Changed site.py to use local directories (Closes Bug#22237), this
    is required to be really FSSTND compliant.
  * Removed non-threaded version.
  * Removed obsolete TESTPATH from COREPYTHONPATH in Modules/Setup.in.
  * Changed python-elisp dependencies (Closes Bug#21880). python-elisp
    does only work for emacs19 if the (non-existant) custom-elisp
    package is installed.
  * According to lintian, changed permissions of various .py files
    in Lib. Submitted to upstream maintainer.

qmail-src  - Source only package for building qmail binary package
qmail-src 1.01-7 -> 1.02-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-all/mail
qmail (1.02-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release
  * fix ulimit problem in init.d script

quota      - An implementation of the diskquota system.
quota 1.65-2.4 -> 1.65-2.5 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/admin
quota 1.65-2.4 -> 1.65-2.5 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/admin
quota (1.65-2.5) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Non-maintainer release
  * Removed wrong shlib.local file.
  * Recompiled with correct -dev packages instead (Fixes: important Bug#22120).
  * Fixed typo in Description (Fixes: Bug#21761).

rsync      - fast remote file copy program (like rcp)
rsync 1.7.4-1 -> 2.0.0-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/net
rsync (2.0.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release
    (this includes the new --daemon code, which needs testing, so consider
     this to be beta software, and use with care)
    The alpha version that I released a couple of days ago,
    is incompatible with this version, and should be discarded.

rsync      - fast remote file copy program (like rcp)
rsync 2.0.0-1 -> 2.0.3-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/net
rsync (2.0.3-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release

samba      - A LanManager like fileserver and simple client for Unix.
smbfsx     - Mount and umount commands for the smbfs and kernels > 2.1.70.
samba 1.9.18p4-2 -> 1.9.18p6-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/net
smbfsx 1.9.18p4-2 -> 1.9.18p6-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/otherosfs
samba (1.9.18p6-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release that fixes a possible buffer overflow.
    This security hole was reported on BugTraq by Drago. The
    previous Debian version (1.9.18p5-1) was not released because
    1.9.18p5 and 1.9.18p6 were released very closely.

samba      - A LanManager like fileserver and simple client for Unix.
smbfsx     - Mount and umount commands for the smbfs and kernels > 2.1.70.
samba 1.9.18p4-2 -> 1.9.18p7-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/net
samba 1.9.18p6-1 -> 1.9.18p7-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/net
smbfsx 1.9.18p4-2 -> 1.9.18p7-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/otherosfs
smbfsx 1.9.18p6-1 -> 1.9.18p7-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/otherosfs
samba (1.9.18p7-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release (just bug fixes, no new functionality).

samba      - A LanManager like fileserver and simple client for Unix.
smbfsx     - Mount and umount commands for the smbfs and kernels > 2.1.70.
samba 1.9.18p7-1 -> 1.9.18p7-2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/net
samba 1.9.18p7-1 -> 1.9.18p7-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/net
smbfsx 1.9.18p7-1 -> 1.9.18p7-2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/otherosfs
smbfsx 1.9.18p7-1 -> 1.9.18p7-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/otherosfs
samba (1.9.18p7-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Added patches from the non-mantainer upload that make us able
    to compile Samba on Alpha systems. This fixes bug #22379.

seesat5    - a satellite location program
seesat5 0.90.7-0 -> 0.90.8-0 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/math
seesat5 0.90.8-0 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/math
seesat5 (0.90.8-0) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Corrected typo in description: fixes 16141
  * now remove debian/files* and debian/substvars* in clean
  *            which allows auto builds on other architectures.

login      - Sign on to the system.
passwd     - Change and administer password and group data.
secure-su  - su with more security options
login 980403-0.1 -> 980403-0.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/base
login 980403-0.1 -> 980403-0.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/base
passwd 980403-0.1 -> 980403-0.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/base
passwd 980403-0.1 -> 980403-0.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/base
secure-su 980403-0.1 -> 980403-0.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/admin
secure-su 980403-0.1 -> 980403-0.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/admin
shadow (980403-0.2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * (login.defs): fixed UMASK
    (thanks to James Troup for noticing my screwup :)
  * Pruned non-Debian changelog entries.

skk        - Simple Kana to Kanji conversion program
skk-dictools - SKK dictionary maintenance tools
skkdic     - SKK Dictionary files
skkserv    - SKK Dictionary server
skk-dictools 10.39-5 -> 10.39-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/utils
skk-dictools 10.39-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/utils
skk 10.39-5 -> 10.39-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/utils
skk 10.39-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/utils
skkdic 10.39-5 -> 10.39-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/utils
skkdic 10.39-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/utils
skkserv 10.39-5 -> 10.39-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/utils
skkserv 10.39-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/utils
skk (10.39-6) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Bug Fix: can't run skk tutorial. (Bug#20217)

smail      - Electronic mail transport system.
smail -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/mail
smail ( frozen; urgency=low
  * cosmetic changes to install scripts
  * inetd.conf now enabled when not in daemon mode

libsnmp3.5 - CMU SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Library.
libsnmp3.5-dev - CMU SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Development Files.
snmp       - CMU SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Agent and Apps.
libsnmp3.5-dev 3.5-2 -> 3.5-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
libsnmp3.5-dev 3.5-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
libsnmp3.5 3.5-2 -> 3.5-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/libs
libsnmp3.5 3.5-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/libs
snmp 3.5-2 -> 3.5-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/net
snmp 3.5-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/net
snmp (3.5-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Check for the existence of the rc script before running it
    in the prerm script (Bug#21565).

so-far     - So Far, An Interactive Catharsis by Andrew Plotkin
so-far 6-5 -> 6-6 into dists/hamm/non-free/binary-all/games
so-far 6-5 -> 6-6 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-all/games
so-far (6-6) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Add an empty prerm script to fix problems upgrading.

speech-tools-dev - Edinburgh Speech Tools Library - developer's libraries and docs.
speech-tools-dev 1.0.1-4 -> 1.0.1-5 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/sound
speech-tools (1.0.1-5) unstable; urgency=low
  * Enabled NAS support.

suidmanager - Manage File Permissions
suidmanager 0.19 -> 0.20 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/admin
suidmanager 0.19 -> 0.20 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/admin
suidmanager (0.20) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Only warn about removal of suidexec if previous version included it.
    (closes: #21823)
  * Un-register suidexec if it is registered. (closes: #22326)
  * Removed suidexec from source package.
  * Removed references to suidexec from documentation.
  * Cleaned up `debian' directory.

tatctae    - Time: All Things Come To An End
tatctae 7-4 -> 7-5 into dists/hamm/non-free/binary-all/games
tatctae 7-4 -> 7-5 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-all/games
tatctae (7-5) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Add an empty prerm script to fix problems upgrading.

tin        - Threaded Internet News reader
tin 980226-3 -> 980514-1 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/news
tin (980514-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * new upstream source

tkdiff     - A graphical "diff" utility.
tkdiff 2.03-1 -> 2.06b-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/text
tkdiff 2.03-1 -> 2.06b-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/text
tkdiff (2.06b-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Now catches sub-process errors [closes 15630, 15631]
  * Doesn't mangle the arguments anymore

tm         - MIME viewer/editor for emacs news and mail.
tm 7.106.0-1.2 -> 7.106.0-1.3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/mail
tm 7.106.0-1.2 -> 7.106.0-1.3 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/mail
tm (7.106.0-1.3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Interim release.
  * Do not try to install to xemacs20, which already includes it.
    Keep the xemacs20.lst (corrected wrt vm) in debian/attic, just in
    case (Fixes: Bug#22250).
  * Changed `tm-view.el' to look for method scripts in /usr/share/tm/
    rather than in the path (Fixes: Bug#22088).

transfig   - Utilities for printing figures from xfig.
transfig 3.2.0-2 -> 3.2.0-2.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/graphics
transfig 3.2.0-2.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/graphics
transfig (1:3.2.0-2.2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * non-maintainer upload because Enrique is busy with the boot-floppies
  * patch from upstream author to fix annoying bug #21474
  * corrected binary target in rules; fixes bug #21249

vm         - A mail user agent for Emacs
vm 6.47-1 -> 6.47-2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/mail
vm 6.47-1 -> 6.47-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/mail
vm (6.47-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fix a typo in the rules that was preventing th eexamples dir from
    getting exported. closes: Bug#22407

weather    - A Change in the Weather, an interactive short story
weather 6-5 -> 6-6 into dists/hamm/non-free/binary-all/games
weather 6-5 -> 6-6 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-all/games
weather (6-6) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Add an empty prerm script to fix problems upgrading.

libwine-dbg - WINdows Emulator (Static Libraries for Debugging)
libwine-dev - WINdows Emulator (Development Files)
libwine0.0.971116 - WINdows Emulator (Library)
wine       - WINdows Emulator (Binary Emulator)
wine-doc   - WINdows Emulator (Documentation)
libwine-dbg 0.0.980413-2 -> 0.0.980503-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
libwine-dev 0.0.980413-2 -> 0.0.980503-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/otherosfs
libwine0.0.971116 0.0.980413-2 -> 0.0.980503-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/otherosfs
wine-doc 0.0.980413-2 -> 0.0.980503-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/otherosfs
wine 0.0.980413-2 -> 0.0.980503-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/otherosfs
wine (0.0.980503-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release:
    - Module loading restructuration.
    - Some rotated text support.
    - Documentation for many more functions.
    - Lots of bug fixes.
  * Patches from www.winehq.com included:
    - crtdll.diff: More functions implemented.
    - module.diff: Fix patch mess in LoadModule16.
    - profile: Make PROFILE_GetSection work properly.
    - region: Fixes a problem with CombineRgn().

libwine-dbg - WINdows Emulator (Static Libraries for Debugging)
libwine-dev - WINdows Emulator (Development Files)
libwine0.0.971116 - WINdows Emulator (Library)
wine       - WINdows Emulator (Binary Emulator)
wine-doc   - WINdows Emulator (Documentation)
libwine-dbg 0.0.980503-1 -> 0.0.980503-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
libwine-dev 0.0.980503-1 -> 0.0.980503-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/otherosfs
libwine0.0.971116 0.0.980503-1 -> 0.0.980503-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/otherosfs
wine-doc 0.0.980503-1 -> 0.0.980503-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/otherosfs
wine 0.0.980503-1 -> 0.0.980503-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/otherosfs
wine (0.0.980503-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fix debian/rules (Fix #22382)
  * Patch from www.winehq.com included:
    - word980503.diff: makes Word95's file dialog boxes work.

libwine-dbg - WINdows Emulator (Static Libraries for Debugging)
libwine-dev - WINdows Emulator (Development Files)
libwine0.0.971116 - WINdows Emulator (Library)
wine       - WINdows Emulator (Binary Emulator)
wine-doc   - WINdows Emulator (Documentation)
libwine-dbg 0.0.980503-2 -> 0.0.980503-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
libwine-dev 0.0.980503-2 -> 0.0.980503-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/otherosfs
libwine0.0.971116 0.0.980503-2 -> 0.0.980503-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/otherosfs
wine-doc 0.0.980503-2 -> 0.0.980503-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/otherosfs
wine 0.0.980503-2 -> 0.0.980503-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/otherosfs
wine (0.0.980503-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Correct dependencies... *sigh*

libwmaker0 - Shared libraries for WindowMaker aware applications.
libwmaker0-dev - Static libraries and headers for WindowMaker applications.
libwraster0 - Shared libraries of WindowMaker rasterizer.
libwraster0-dev - Static libraries and headers of WindowMaker rasterizer.
wmaker     - Yet another window manager. This the next step after AfterStep.
wmaker-superfluous - WindowMaker compiled with superfluous options
wmaker-traditional - WindowMaker compiled *without* newstyle option
libwmaker0-dev 0.14.1-5 -> 0.14.1-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
libwmaker0-dev 0.14.1-5 -> 0.14.1-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
libwmaker0 0.14.1-5 -> 0.14.1-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/libs
libwmaker0 0.14.1-5 -> 0.14.1-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/libs
libwraster0-dev 0.14.1-5 -> 0.14.1-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
libwraster0-dev 0.14.1-5 -> 0.14.1-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
libwraster0 0.14.1-5 -> 0.14.1-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/libs
libwraster0 0.14.1-5 -> 0.14.1-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/libs
wmaker-superfluous 0.14.1-5 -> 0.14.1-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
wmaker-superfluous 0.14.1-5 -> 0.14.1-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
wmaker-traditional 0.14.1-5 -> 0.14.1-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
wmaker-traditional 0.14.1-5 -> 0.14.1-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
wmaker 0.14.1-5 -> 0.14.1-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
wmaker 0.14.1-5 -> 0.14.1-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
wmaker (0.14.1-6) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Added menu.prehook and menu.posthook to the default menu. The menu
    file still puts Exit, Exit Session and Restart under WindowManagers,
    but users can copy /usr/lib/menu/wmaker to /etc/menu/wmaker, edit it,
    and edit /etc/X11/WindowMaker/menu.posthook to "move" those items
    outside the WindowManagers menu. (closes: bug#20194)
  * Patched src/moveres.c to get rid of a bug that can make WindowMaker
    crash when using "outline" mode for moving and resizing windows.
  * Patched wrlib/context.c to include an improved dithering
    algorithm. It is now possible to start *most* of the WindowMaker
    applets at the same time. (closes: bug#19764)

wwwtable   - A Perl script that facilitates the production of HTML tables
wwwtable 1.3-2 -> 1.3-3 into dists/hamm/non-free/binary-all/web
wwwtable 1.3-3 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-all/web
wwwtable (1.3-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Removed dh_du from debian/rules.
    (Fixed Lintian error: unknown-control-file du)
  * Upgraded to standards version (no changes).

xaw-wrappers - allow use of programs with xaw replacements
xaw-wrappers 0.19 -> 0.21 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/x11
xaw-wrappers 0.20 -> 0.21 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/x11
xaw-wrappers (0.21) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * In prerm, only turn off wrappers if $! == remove. This fixes errors from
    dpkg itself about overwrite problems, and it fixes the "doubling"
    problems that have puzzeled me for months. Many thinks to Andy Dougherty
    <doughera@lafcol.lafayette.edu> who helped me finally reproduce this
    problem. Thanks also to the literally dozens of you who experienced the
    bug during testing and mailed me info as I requested. This fixes #17831.
  * Fixed "broken pipe" error (cosmetic) in postinst.
  * Fixed preinst to not give an error on clean install.

xcin       - Chinese input server and vt100 terminal for X.
xcin-doc   - Postscript HOWTO's in Chinese for XCIN
xcin-doc 2.3.02-4 -> 2.3.02-5 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/x11
xcin-doc 2.3.02-4 -> 2.3.02-5 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/x11
xcin 2.3.02-4 -> 2.3.02-5 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11
xcin 2.3.02-4 -> 2.3.02-5 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/x11
xcin (2.3.02-5) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Added the missing "dh_installchangelogs -i" to debian/rules.  :-)
    (Fixed Lintian error: xcin-doc: debian-changelog-file-missing)

xcopilot   - Pilot emulator
xcopilot v0.6-1 -> v0.6.1-1 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-i386/otherosfs
xcopilot (v0.6.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version.

xexec      - Run a simple arbitrary command from Xwindows
xexec 0.0.3-3 -> 0.0.3-4 into dists/hamm/contrib/binary-i386/misc
xexec 0.0.3-3 -> 0.0.3-4 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-i386/misc
xexec (0.0.3-4) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Added a menu entry (fixes bug#22418)

zsh        - A shell with lots of features.
zsh 3.1.2-4 -> 3.1.2-5 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/shells
zsh 3.1.2-5 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/shells
zsh (3.1.2-5) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Included current FAQ.
  * Applied patch to fix prefix completion in zle_tricky
  * Applied patch to fix clobbering behavior.
  * Applied patch to fix typeset -U array; array=(1 2 1) creating
    a non-unique array.
  * Applied patch to fix unbalanced stack error on $((0x1+0x1)).
  * Applied patch to fix incorrect prototype from match_username cast
    in zle_tricky.
  * Applied patches to read builtin.
  * Applied patches to fix glob coredumping.
  * Moved FPATH, PS1, and autoload of run-help to /etc/zshrc.  bug#20043.
  * Moved setting of PATH back to /etc/zshenv.

zsh        - A shell with lots of features.
zsh 3.1.2-5 -> 3.1.2-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/shells
zsh 3.1.2-5 -> 3.1.2-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/shells
zsh (3.1.2-6) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Applied patch to correct miscalculation in spaceinline().
  * Changed /etc/zshenv to only set PATH if unset.

----- New Packages ----------------------

apple2     - Apple ][ Emulator
apple2 0.04-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/otherosfs

emacspeak  - speech output interface to Emacs
emacspeak 8.0-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/editors

eperl      - Embedded Perl 5 Language
eperl 2.2.12-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel

festival   - Festival speech synthesis system
festival 1.2.1-7 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/sound

lg-issue28 - Issue 28 of the Linux Gazette.
lg-issue28 1-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/doc
lg-issue28 1-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/doc

mkhybrid   - CD-ROM authoring tool.  Creates CD-ROM filesystem images
mkhybrid 1.12a3.3-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/otherosfs

picon-misc - Picon (Personal Images) database of common accounts and misc.
picon-misc 1998.04.20-2 into dists/hamm/contrib/binary-all/graphics
picon-misc 1998.04.20-2 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-all/graphics

picon-news - Picon (Personal Images) db of Usenet newsgroups and hierarchies
picon-news 1998.04.20-2 into dists/hamm/contrib/binary-all/graphics
picon-news 1998.04.20-2 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-all/graphics

picon-unknown - Picon (Personal Images) database for very high-level domains
picon-unknown 1998.04.20-2 into dists/hamm/contrib/binary-all/graphics
picon-unknown 1998.04.20-2 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-all/graphics

picon-usenix - Picon (Personal Images) db of Usenix conference attendees.
picon-usenix 1995.04.13-4 into dists/hamm/contrib/binary-all/graphics
picon-usenix 1995.04.13-4 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-all/graphics

picon-weather - Picon (Personal Images) database for displaying weather forecasts
picon-weather 1998.04.20-2 into dists/hamm/contrib/binary-all/graphics
picon-weather 1998.04.20-2 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-all/graphics

speech-tools-dev - Edinburgh Speech Tools Library - developer's libraries and docs.
speech-tools-dev 1.0.1-4 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/sound

tkdesk     - Tk/tcl based X11 Desktop/File manager
tkdesk 1.0b4-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/x11

zoo        - manipulate archives of files in compressed form
zoo 2.10-6 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-i386/utils

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