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Re: XXX Live Sex!!!

> On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Erik Andersen wrote:
> > Can't we do something to keep this rubbish off of our lists.  This really
> > pisses me off.  How did they get this email address anyway?
> We are currently discussing a new upload procedure on debian-policy. 
> (Actually, I think we have reached a good solution now and everyone
> agrees. Now, we are just waiting for Guy to implement it.) 
> With the new upload procedure all package announcements will be sent to
> the lists by the `dinstall' script on master. Thus, we can limit the
> posting privileges to this account. This will also keep all junk mails
> off the list. 



                *NEW BULK MAILER TECHNOLOGY!!*

Our NEW, IMPROVED technology, YOU can CIRCUMVENT the debian-changes
limits that are desigend to pester innocent spammers like us. Our
REVOLUTIONARY new technology uses dinstall and friends to seemingly
install so-called-"Debian" packages, that will then cause any message
you wish to be sent to the DEBIAN PACKAGE MAINTAINERS. This is a highly
intelligent group of very knowledgeable people, many of whom have
many influential contacts in the SOFTWARE INDUSTRY.

To order, please send $1000000 to <address of fool here>


Nah, don't think this will happen. (And, probably dinstall will
look at developper's PGP signatures).

joost witteveen, joostje@debian.org

My spamfilter is so good, it correctly catches 90% of incoming spam,
*including* all email from my PhD supervisor.

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