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Elvis 2.0-7 uploaded to master (finally)...


Format: 1.5
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 09:32:30 -0700
Source: elvis
Binary: elvisctags elvis
Architecture: source i386
Version: 2.0-7
Distribution: frozen unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Erik B. Andersen <andersee@et.byu.edu>
 elvis      - A much improved "vi" editor with syntax highlighting.
 elvisctags - Used to generate "tags" and "refs" files.
 elvis (2.0-7) frozen unstable; urgency=low
   * Here is the latest version of the much-discussed elvis package...  I
   	think I have now gotten everything fixed and cleaned up for
   	Debian 1.2  Please check things out though...
   * Changed elvis from "Recommends: elvisctags" to "Suggests: elvisctags"
   	This fixes bug #5416 and should make dselect users happy.
   * Changed the behavior of "vi -G x11" to drop to the default gui
   	(i.e. termcap) when the x11 gui is unavailable.  This allows users
   	of elm to specify "vi -G x11" as their primary editor, and have
   	elvis use the X interface when in X, and the text interface when in
   	console mode.  This will make the one person who asked happy.
   * Fixed bug #5393 by splitting up the config directory and moving the
   	non-config files to several locations.
   * Added a script to ensure that old versions of elvis get completely
   	removed from the system regardless of a little dpkg problem, by
   	installing 0 byte files on top of the old files, and then deleting
   	the 0 byte files in the postinst script. Credit goes to Guy Maor
   	for the idea (which works).
   * Rewrote the printdoc.bat file, and moved it to /usr/bin/elvis-printdoc
   * elvisctags now utilizes update-alternatives for ctags, ref, and their
   	associated man pages.  I recommend that the all other packages
   	which also provide these programs do likewise.
   * Please note that in order to comply with the Debian standard, I
   	installed all man pages compressed in /usr/man/man1; however, since
   	elvis cannot read compressed files, I have installed a second,
   	uncompressed copy of the man pages in /usr/doc/elvis/online-docs.
   	I have also installed the online help files uncompressed in this
   	directory to allow elvis to access them.
 c8a43dfa04e995e5b98c348a709a28b8 608 editors optional elvis_2.0-7.dsc
 37a15b0b761781eb7278375c71852c1a 11418 editors optional elvis_2.0-7.diff.gz
 18e9128d5fb59bc2af7d9bf9e93d47b8 284130 editors optional elvis_2.0-7_i386.deb
 2e3b57378c197f47db878a067151b6e3 16862 editors optional elvisctags_2.0-7_i386.deb

Version: 2.6.2i


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