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dchanges-2.0-4 dmalloc-3.1.2-1 uploaded efax-07a-2 Fdflush-1.0.0-1 uploaded gclinfo-2.1-2 (bug fix) Gnats 3.2-1 (new packages) grep-2.0-4.deb uploaded Hyperlatex 1.4 less-290-4 lxtools-1.0a-1 lxtools-1.1-1 manpages-1.9-1 uploaded ncurses for ELF released ncurses-1.9.8a ELF release netatalk-1.3.3-1 available netstd-1.25 uploaded ... New ELF Tcl Package New ELF Tk Package New package New libc5 packages New man package new package p10cfgd New revision of cdtool-1.0-5 uploaded sed-2.05-5.deb uploaded ucbmpeg 1r2-2 released Updated Tcl/Tk Packages w3-el 2.2.25-4 released xcompat-3.1.2-3 xcontrib-3.1.2-0 XFree86-3.1.2 ELF packages xlockmore-3.5 The last update was on 07:25 GMT Thu May 16. There are 35 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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