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Bug#1024346: cdrom: debian-11.5.0-amd64-netinst.iso boots to Grub CLI on Dell Optiplex 5090

Package: cdrom
Severity: important
Tags: d-i

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Downloaded debian-11.5.0-amd64-netinst.iso, verified SHA512 signature and flashed to USB stick (dd if=<debian.iso> of=/dev/sdb). The
Dell Optiplex 5090 is a UEFI-only system. In the BIOS, I previously disabled TPM, Secure Boot and Absolute (computer Lojack).

Booting from the netinst USB stick, the computer boots into the Grub CLI. 'ls' shows the following:

(proc) (hd0) (hd0,gpt4) (hd0,gpt3) (hd0,gpt2) (hd0,gpt1) (cd0) (cd0,msdos2)

There does not appear to be any usable partition detected on the USB stick that contains a kernel. The contents of (cd0,msdos2) are
just an 'efi' directory.

I have tried multiple USB sticks, downloaded the ISO several times all with a good SHA512, tried dd and also cp <iso> /dev/sdb, makes
no difference. I've tried the live Gnome image as well, same problem.

I expect the computer to boot properly into the Debian installer.

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