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Re: Debian 11.1.0 DVD 2,3,4,5 ?


Christoph Prokop wrote:
> Is it on purpose only DVD1?

Yep. Stated by Andrew M.A. Cater in

> > [...] the number of DVDs was [...] reduced for Debian 11. Whereas
> > for Buster we made the first three .iso images, for Bullseye there is one:
> > the others can be built using jigdo.

That would be


.jigdo and .template files are to be used as described in

I wrote a wiki article how to get to a Live Debian, install jigdo-lite
on it for the time it is running, and use it to download one or more
Jigdo ISOs:
Maybe you find inspiration in there if riddles arise ...

> This Site lists 1-5 (but i am not sure who provides theses isos):
> Is this even an official mirror?
> http://debian-cd.inspire.net.nz/current/amd64/iso-dvd/

Hard to say. Maybe they are just nice and did the jigdo work for you.

If you can afford the bandwidth to download the ISOs and to discard them
if they are bad, then check the downloaded ISOs by the checksums in
I.e. _not_ by the checksums on debian-cd.inspire.net.nz .

A cautiously mistrusting downloader will want to verify the checksum
files by their .sig files and a run of gpg --verify.

Have a nice day :)


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