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debian testing bd-s not getting updates

Looking at the latest debian-testing-source-BD-{1,2,3,4}.iso, it seems that no files were added since the release of "bullseye".  This must be an error, right?

Based on a script, checking mod times, there was only 1 file, named "bug-reporting.txt".
between this date:
  1628100000.0: Wed Aug  4 14:00:00 2021
and this date:
  1633300000.0: Sun Oct  3 18:26:40 2021
  1629683651.0: Sun Aug 22 21:54:11 2021

In "/debian/pool" on the mirrors, for example, there's a "gcc-11".  But it doesnt show up on the source BD-s.

-Mike G

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