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Re: Finding a tentative bullseye release date

On Sun, 2021-05-30 at 09:09 +0200, Paul Gevers wrote:
> 26 June
> 3 July
> 10 July
> 17 July [Steve (CD), press]
> 24 July [Steve (CD), press]
> 31 July
> 7 August
> 14 August

July 17th doesn't work well for me unfortunately*.

The others currently all look OK, although I'd prefer not to do two
releases in a row, so with 10.10 being on the 19th the 26th isn't



* it _could_, but I have a prior appointment around lunchtime on the
Saturday and don't know whether I'd be able to continue after that
(including on Sunday), so it wouldn't be fair to any of us to risk it

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