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Re: Finding a tentative bullseye release date

On 4/23/21 5:00 PM, Jonathan Carter wrote:

> I'm trusting the release team to block until d-i is ready, from what I
> understand the date that they're trying to find in May is just a
> tentative date. Would it also make sense to keep another tentative date
> for June as a back-up? (I'm thinking that it might make it easier to
> plan now than to scramble again in May, but if you feel different then
> that's fine too).

Indeed, from this and the last few posts in the discussion it reads that
perhaps June is the better option for the 'timed' ready when ready
release date.

I think it would allow for extra care to be given in the areas needed
and would as Paul suggested allow the larger community to pull together
to help resolve some of the issues.

I'd suggest to strike the May 1, 8, and 15th dates and move to:

May 22
May 29
Jun 05
Jun 12
Jun 19

Separately, if there is an area where a non-programmer-coder (NPC, haha)
can assist perhaps with a set of steps that I can reproduce on my
equipment here, please point me to it and I'll chip in.

Be well,


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