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Re: Finding a tentative bullseye release date

Hi Cyril,

On 23-04-2021 15:13, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
>> Seems like our current best option is May 22 if you can make it.
> That's definitely not what I would call “best option” from an
> installer point of view.

I hear you. So, I fear that we're getting into a situation where
everything except the installer is more or less ready for the bullseye
release. (Well assuming the shim is signed any time soon).

> D-I Bullseye RC 1 was published a few hours ago. And at the risk of
> sounding like a broken record: I have *absolutely no guarantee* to
> have a fix or workaround for the amdgpu issue in less than a month,
> that would be tested somewhat.
> Can we please *not* release with black screens for AMD users?

Indeed, let's not. But can't we get the full Debian community on board
to search for good solution? I have the feeling there's much interest to
release sooner rather than late, so maybe there's brains we can use to
help the installer forward? I'm going to draft a bits shortly, is there
a bug number or mail thread we can point at?

Also, I recognize that the debian-installer is largely handled by you
alone. I estimate that it's not going to help you on the short term if
people volunteer to help with the coding as you would be spending time
on on-boarding them. So, how can we, the Debian Community, help you
getting the installer in releasable shape? I can think of testing RC1,
but what else? Do you have the right hardware available for the amdgpu
issue? Can people try out solutions for you? Tell us, or tell us how to
find out.

That said, I still think it's good to keep May 22 in the agenda as an
option to do the release, with the remark that we'll not release when
we're not ready (as Debian always does).


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