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Re: [Question] Integrating the debian installer in live-build - DVD, multi-arch, custom, etc.

Just to add something to what I just said a few minutes ago - of course
you say that you're avoiding using DVDs since you want larger
selections of packages such that the images will not fit onto DVDs (and
I take your word for it that you've checked that your selections will
indeed not fit), and you want these extra packages on disk to avoid
having to add them via internet download after installing, but consider
this: you could build images that fit on DVDs to perform the
installation with, and keep a copy of the additional packages on your
pen drive, which you can then just copy onto those systems and have apt
install, thus still avoiding apt download anything. (apt saves
downloaded package *.deb files to /var/cache/apt/archives; you can copy
them from there on an existing system to you pen drive, or download
them with `apt-get download <package>`, then after installing Debian,
copy these packages to /var/cache/apt/archives/ and use apt to install;
apt will find them in its cache and thus won't download them, so long
as the version matches that which it wants to install).

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