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[Question] Integrating the debian installer in live-build - DVD, multi-arch, custom, etc.


I was not sure if this email should've been sent to both list. So sorry if it should've not :-/

I am using the live-build version 20191221 (the one in testing) on a debian stable/buster system to build an live image with and integrated debian installer cdrom (with the '--debian-installer cdrom' flag/option) with no problems.

My original plan with this image is to use it (also) to install debian in both i386 and amd64 machines, with or without a connection to the internet.

So, for me, I believe the best option would be to integrate a multi-arch and/or DVD version of the debian installer. (even better would be to integrate a multi-arch DVD installer - since debian dropped this version of the installer I've been 'hacking' one together =P)

Is there any way that you know of to integrate any of this installer options (or even a 'custom' one) in live-build? Is there a plan to do so in the future as an option?

Thank you for your attention.



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