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bad link on website debian live download


if i want debian live iso, i go this link : "https://www.debian.org/CD/live/";

and if i want use torrent download i can read    "DVD et USB (en utilisant BitTorrent) ". But the word "bittorent " is a link to a wrong webpage : na standard iso torrent webpage, and not the good "live" torrent webpage ( https://www.debian.org/CD/torrent-cd) .

This link doesnot help to understand where to download live image. maybe you should delete him ?

The good link to find live iso is at the bottom of the webpage "amd64   i386" and the good link is https://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/current-live/amd64/bt-hybrid/ .

Sorry i am french and my english sux :)


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