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Re: Adding sha256 support into jigdo tools (jigdo and jigit)


i wrote:
> > libjte_set_checksum_algorithm() became necessary

Steve McIntyre wrote:
> ACK. I'd not thought that through fully myself here, but yes.

Here you see why it is good to have a mutually curious user-developer
relation. :))

> I'm open to changing things like option names here, obviously -
> it's your code exposing them at the top level.

But you are their only user i know of, as well as i am the only user of

"-jigdo-checksum-algorithm" or "-checksum_algorithm_jigdo" ?

"checksum_algorithm" or "checksum_jigdo" ?

The latter already have similarily named neighbors in xorriso:
  -checksum_algorithm_iso  -checksum_algorithm_template
  checksum_iso             checksum_template


The user is king. Throw a coin and implement your decision for the next


Hm. Did you forget to mention "-jigdo-checksum-algorithm" in
xorriso/emulators.c ?
How can this pass your tests ? Doesn't
  $ xorrisofs -jigdo-checksum-algorithm sha256 >/dev/null
  xorriso : FAILURE : -as genisofs: Unrecognized option '-jigdo-checksum-algorithm'

(Further the new xorrisofs options have to be mentioned in function
 Xorriso_genisofs_count_args() in:
    static char arg1_options[][41]= {
 so that some program parts know how many arguments these options consume.)


> I based on 1.4.7 as that was the latest
> release I had handy for the merged tree.

As soon as your tests are done and the names are decided, please send a
new updated diff and a jigit release tarball.

When i have the jigit release tarball, i will port the diff to
GNU xorriso-1.5.3. When libjte2*.deb is in testing, i will backport the
GNU xorriso changes to upstream libisoburn git and make a patch for the
pending libisoburn-1.5.2 on salsa.
Probably i will have to adapt the build system of libisofs, too.

Don't invest time in polishing xorriso code or documentation. Just make sure
that it works properly with all your use cases.
I would later appreciate a repeated test with libisoburn1_1.5.2-1_amd64.deb
when it's in unstable, and proof-reading of the docs.

Have a nice day :)


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