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Testing release images - Call for help

Hi there,

We have the release of Buster scheduled to happen next Saturday.  As
always on a release day new iso images are generated and *before* they
get signed we try and smoke test them to make sure that the builds went
ok and nothing critical is missing from the manifests.  We do the same
for live images as well.

If you can spare the time your help would be greatly appreciated in
testing some of these images on the day. If you have time to test before
then too, that would be even more helpful!

Along with the usual amd64/i386/arm64 installer builds we'll be
explicitly testing, we need specific help for testing LIVE images
(including 2 different install methods) on BARE METAL PCs (i.e. NOT a
VM).  We are looking for tests to be carried out on machines running
BIOS as well as UEFI. Buster will also be our first Debian release to
include support for UEFI Secure Boot, and more test coverage there would
be lovely.

Additionally we are also looking for people who can test the following:
 * debian-mac.10.0.0-amd64-netinst.iso
 * debian-mac.10.0.0-i386-netinst.iso
 * debian-10.0.0-mips-*.iso       	(Multiple images)
 * debian-10.0.0-mipsel-*.iso		(Multiple images)
 * debian-10.0.0-mips64el-*.iso		(Multiple images)
 * debian-10.0.0-ppc64el-*.iso		(Multiple images)
 * debian-10.0.0-s390x-*.iso 		(Multiple images)

On release day (Saturday 6th July), we are expecting installer images to
become available from around 1300 UTC, with live images between 1.5 and
2 hours later.

To get a reasonable coverage of DI there is a wiki matrix [0] of the
install tests that we will perform (although feel free to try 'your'
specific install options.

Wiki is not the *best* solution for a matrix that will change quite a
bit during the test process, it is far to easy to have edit clashes.  To
reduce this we try and coordinate our action in on #debian-cd or

Please check in on irc *before* starting a test to reduce duplicate
tests being carried out.

Finally if you want to get in some early testing of DI over the next few
days please do.  if you find a critical problem there may just be enough
time to fix it....

Let's make buster the smoothest release yet :-)


[0]  https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianCD/ReleaseTesting/Buster_r0

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