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Re: New CD Mirror in India

Great work 👍

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On Tue 9 Apr, 2019, 2:39 PM Rahul Makhija, <rahul.m@estointernet.in> wrote:
Dear Team,

We've setup a new debian-cd mirror at our facility in India. And would like it to be made available for the public use. Following are the details:

HTTP URL: http://debian.mirrors.estointernet.in/debian-cd
Domestic Bandwidth: 10G
Location: Mumbai, India
Maintainer Name: Rahul Makhija
Name of site sponsor: Esto Internet
URL of site sponsor: https://estointernet.in

And if possible, we'd like to limit our mirror to users in India only. Because, we've only 1G of international transit and users from other countries may feel slow speed.

Thank you.

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