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Re: Joliet name length in amd64 netinst versus DVD-2


Steve McIntyre wrote:
> I've got too used to the relaxed handling in xorriso.

IIRC the tolerance of xorrisofs exists because genisoimage and mkisofs show it.
It's contageous and each adoption possibly widens it.
E.g. i did not check whether genisoimage refuses on some double-dash options
but simply tolerate double-dashes with all known long options.

It is worth to mention that the zero-to-many-dash tolerance of the xorriso
native command interpreter is documented and part of the CLI.
So in live-wrapper you may prefix as many dashes as you deem good looking.

But lwr/xorriso.py of live-wrapper has no command
  -joliet on
and no
  -compliance joliet_long_paths:joliet_long_names
which is what the emulator executes when getting option -joliet-long.

Have a nice day :)


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