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Re: What mirror to use with archived jigdo DVD images ?

I'm the OP so here's a follow-up.
The archive repairs are what solved my actual problem. Following them
I was able to successfully download Squeeze DVD 1 and move the image
around for package extraction. The jigdo issues were not my difficulty.

The actual point of using this ancient release, which I hadn't
mentioned, was to get a salt-minion installed and configured into an
existing salt complex and begin rectification. After an additional 3
days wrestling with the Debian and Saltstack repositories and dealing
with apt-get package resolution difficulties, I managed to complete
that on one server and it's in the complex. My work-around is totally
brain-dead, but it circumvents the resolution issues with apt-get.
It's possible that using apt, aptitude or synaptic would have worked
better, but I don't have time to find-out yet (or perhaps an apt-get
problem; I can't really touch fundamental software on these servers
yet, most are production).

Many, many thanks to Thomas Schmitt and Phil Hands for their help.
Es Lebe Die Döner mit Scharf! (Auch griechischer Typ!) Vielen Dank.

Now: In case anyone wonders, this is exactly how linux destroyed the
old unix vendors and microsloth in the data-center. I get better
support here for free than I ever got from them for thousands. Once it
was noodled-out, it was fixed in
under 24 hours. Carry on :-)

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