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Re: Validating OpenStack images after building

On 12/11/2017 07:01 PM, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 10, 2017 at 06:34:32PM +0100, Thomas Goirand wrote:
>> Hi Steve and everyone else,
>> This was overdue, but here it is.
>> In Casulana, under /home/cloud-build/hack/zigo2, you'll find a script
>> called "image-test". It may be used to validate OpenStack images against
>> the Stretch version of OpenStack (ie: Newton). Simply do:
>> cd /home/cloud-build/hack/zigo2
>> ./image-test debian-9-openstack-amd64.qcow2
> ...
>> Note that when you run it, it *looks like* nothing is happening, but in
>> fact the above does take a few minutes to run. So just wait. The result
>> is printed in stdout.
> Cool, looks good. :-)
>> Steve, do you think you could integrate the image-test script run within
>> the image build process? I'm particularly interested in having it
>> integrated in the Debian testing image, so we make sure there's no
>> regression.
> Right. It looks like it might need some permissions help - it's
> running ssh and scp into your VM, and I'm assuming that I (and
> debian-cd) don't have keys for that?

I thought the cloud-build user was the one to use. If you sudo to it,
then you'll have credentials, and you'll be able to add you key in.



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